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    06.18.2013 / baby gear, toys & games

    bu blanket fine little day 4
    If you’ve read this site for more than four minutes, you’ll know that there’s a very special place in my heart (and Bee’s toy chest) for multi-purpose products that can grow from the baby stage to todderdom and beyond. So of course, I was pleased to receive a note from Elisabeth announcing a shop update were I spotted the cleverest blanket of all: Bu! Blankets.

    bu blanket fine little day

    If you’re unfamiliar with Swedish-based Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day fame, you simply must visit her blog and shop, pausing for a bit to take a peek at the pillow/wallpaper design she created with Otto, her (then) eight-year-old son. (So yes, if you’re curious, artistic talent certainly does run in the family.) She’s been an e-friend of mine since gosh, 2007(?) when I first fell in love with her eye for patterns, love for nature and unique ability to maintain a simple, art-filled life despite releasing wildly successful products time and again.

    bu blanket fine little day

    One of which? Her Bu! Blanket, a collaboration with Little Red Stuga. Part blanket, part imaginative costume, babies can snuggle away with the soft fabric until big brother or sister demands to use it for their next adventure as a pirate, lion, bear or Indian. Plus, it doubles as a playmat and interactive peekaboo sheet. The possibilities are endless, yes?

    bu blanket fine little day 3

    Three cheers for products that work (almost!) as hard as mamas.

    Available for $47 at Fine Little Day.

    p.s. Another multi-tasking blanket!

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