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    08.22.2013 / apparel & accessories

    modeerska huset 2
    Bee picks out her own shoes now, refusing to leave the nursery until she’s grabbed her teal Toms to tote around the house or sneak into the diaper bag. Sure, they don’t ever make it on her feet, but hey – the girl’s accessorizing with the best of them. It’s been such a delight to watch her establish opinions and tastes and preferences and I’m excited to see how her own aesthetic vision develops over time. Guest blogger in the making, yes?

    modeerska huset 4

    So far, she’s drawn to strong illustrations and bold prints, so I can only imagine how much she’d enjoy Modeerska Huset – a Swedish line of organic cotton threads perfect for mixing and matching. The designs are kid-friendly with happy themes from funny faces to cloudy days and nature walks. Quirky, unexpected and completely non-serious, a winning combination for kids who love the creative outlet that getting dressed can bring.

    modeerska huset

    The collection’s available online with pricy international shipping, but is very reminiscent of Winter Water Factory here in the states – just in case you need to scratch that shopping itch. Here’s to tiny clothing and the sweet souls who wear them!

    modeerska huset 3

    Image Credits: Modeerska Huset

    p.s. Patterned socks to match.

    • Okay, that is one bummer with having a boy – he doesn’t care what I put him in as long as it’s comfortable, and would rather be naked most of the time anyway… = )

      • Ha – that is ADORABLE!! Who doesn’t love a bare babe? :)

    • Love the patterns! Refreshing.

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