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    Happy Halloween!

    10.30.2013 / PLAY

    Ken and I threw an impromptu fire pit party for Clementine Daily last week, and my gracious was it the perfect way to celebrate the warmth and beauty of fall. For me, the best parties are the last-minute, fuss-free ones where the food is cheap and the laughter is loud. No garlands, no place settings, no heels. Just neighbors and cider and blankets underneath a canopy of “nature’s decor” – those marvelous changing leaves.

    Happy Halloween, friends! Hope you’ll be indulging in your own favorite kind of celebration with the ones you love.

    • Oh! This clip makes me wish we celebrated Halloween in Australia! It looks so relaxed and fun! I hope you have a wonderful day. x

    • What a beautiful little party! The impromptu kind are definitely the best kind – agreed.

    • Awesome.

      • Thanks, Rob! I’ll pass along your praise to the real talent! :)

    • yep! me too, whenever we have a marshmallow roast party whether it is hotdogs, or camp stew, I am happiest. no cleaning, no cooking, just friends and fun! yours was beautiful with all of the costumes! love!

    • I just love this video! It reminds me of the simple pleasures of life that so often go by the wayside. Things like having friends over for a low-key dinner, sipping cider and laughing the night away. Thanks for the nudge to add some of these little moments back into my life (asap). :)
      P.S. I adore your site + Clementine Daily.

      • Ah, thank you SO much, sweet Stephanie – you are so kind!

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