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    Splendidly Mothering

    11.13.2013 / FAMILY


    Recently, one of my favorite brands Splendid asked myself and a few of our editors at Clementine Daily to style our favorite pieces from their fall/winter collection. A lover of basics for their no-fuss ease, casual look and endless mix-and-match options, I jumped at the chance as Ken and I made plans to clean the house and style the shoot before we headed to California last week. And as usual, things were a bit frenzied.


    There were tables to move and diapers to change and spills to wipe up and lunch to eat and counter tops to wash and and then, finally, quiet. Bee’s nap had arrived and it was time to snap a few uninterrupted photos before she awoke and the baby tornado came spinning through once again. And as I started to clean up the jumbled mess, I realized that this was precisely the state of my home that I’ll remember most when looking back at this harried, crazy time. It was a wreck – an excavation site of the artifacts that make up Bee’s childhood: clothing and toys and dolls and books and bowls. And it was beautifully perfect.


    We left the mess and embraced the chaos of parenting, where stylish basics like striped thermals and everyday sweaters and super soft leggings will never be more welcomed. Because after all, if you can’t be a clean mother, be a splendid one.

    Image Credit: My dear husband

    p.s. You can enter to win $500 worth of Splendid’s basics on Pinterest all week long! (And by the way, we eventually pulled off a photo shoot after Bee woke up. You can see it here!)

    • Your home, your words, and YOU are all beautiful. I love this post!

    • You just put a big smile upon my face!

    • MFree

      These are amazingly truthful! plus the dog is posing! so perfect!

    • LauraE

      I truly enjoy seeing “something real” in a sea of fake styled photoshoots that are so often the norm. Well done! Refreshing.

    • Aaaah, the baby-nado. I know it well. Her mess looks absolutely lovely on you. (as does that adorable striped top!) = )

    • i am SO. GLAD. you left it as is. our house is constantly in a state of destruction with the little ones. also… love the styling! yay, pattern mixing!

    • Library Lady

      You look adorable, as does George always! I am trying to figure out the brown ball of fluff in the toy basket in the rear….is it who I think it is?

      • Of course it is – it’s not a family affair without Bernie! :)

    • It’s really refreshing to see a real mom in a real house and it’s beautiful!

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