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Miranda July has long been my favorite artist. There’s just something so innately, heartbreakingly human about her work – about the way she pieces together hopes and fears and vulnerability like stained glass on a hill. And her latest video is no different…

At first glance, she’s illustrating what we all struggle with: distraction. Beeps and pings, wandering eyes and lingering thoughts until – suddenly – the day has grown dark and our stomachs are growling, with little actual work accomplished. (Guilty.)

But I think this video reveals more. I think it’s a call to action, begging the question: What is your hostage? And what puts it in danger?

Whether your hostage is kindness or innocence, purpose or creativity, distraction binds each. And if we’re wise – like Miranda July – we’d all do well to put a baking sheet of grape juice atop it.

Video Credits: Miranda July

p.s. More Miranda.

  • Loved. Thanks for this distracting video.

  • Brilliant. I love her. They should have kept this scene in the movie! :)

  • Oh, i feel sorry for that dress… Guilty too. Some days. And really only one distaction: blogs. Like now: go make something! I will.

  • Amanda

    This made my day. LOVE it and her. And I agree, wish this scene would have remained in the movie.

  • Beautiful, and pretty terrifying, actually. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Ha, I couldn’t agree more. ;) You’re welcome!

  • Genius! I love her calm attitude. Thanks for the video, I will have a look at her work.

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