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  • erin loechner in the new york times

    erin loechner in the new york times

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    Slow & Steady

    09.24.2014 / WORK

    erin loechner in the new york times

    When The New York Times calls you to ask your opinion about blogging, you answer. You fight the sweaty palms, fearful that you’ll say the wrong thing or your words might be minced or your good intentions to be honest and truthful and mindful might be misconstrued.

    And then, you state your peace. I stated mine in this NYT article published today, nearly two years after I penned this post about slow blogging. It is still true. It is still timely.

    If you’re a blogger, may I share with you some encouragement?

    You are not a machine.

    You are not a brand.

    You are not expected to produce daily content that teams of 9-5ers are strategizing over for weeks, months, seasons.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.27.54 PM

    You can admit that you’re a little tired. Or that you need a breather. Or that you’re re-prioritizing. Or that you don’t know what’s next. It doesn’t make you ungrateful for the platform you’ve been given, and it doesn’t make you unprofessional. It makes you real. It makes you human. It makes you you.

    There are challenges to every job, many of which are only seen behind closed doors. And those challenges aren’t often seen within the cropped restraints of an Instagram grid.

    There is a season for everything. A time to plant and a time to uproot. A time to search and a time to give up. A time to be silent and a time to speak. (That’s from Ecclesiastes, lest you think I’m a wise soul.)

    Rest your weary heads, bloggers, if you’d like. Breaks are good and healthy and constructive, and a fresh perspective changes everything.

    And sure – when you return – you might have less of your readers. But you’ll have more of yourself.

    Image Credits: Michelle Litvin for The New York Times

    p.s. My thoughts on the future of blogging.

    • That TWO YEARS LATER your piece on slow blogging resonates and is relevant as ever makes exactly your point. Love love love you, Ms. L.

    • You are a continual inspiration.


    • I remember when you wrote that article 2 years ago. It still rings true today. Because of that post, I felt comfortable enough to “slow blog” myself and not feel the pressure to be the latest and the greatest, but just to be true to myself and my business. Thank you!

      • Oh Maggie – I love hearing that! Thank you for the encouragement!

    • Bravo on finding your balance.

    • That article was 2 years ago? Good gracious, time flies! NYT! Yay for you dear!

    • Erin G.


    • Yes, yes, yes. Applauding over here. I watched the YHL story unfold and was beside myself. I feel like every blogger who is gracious enough to share their story (monetized or no) should be given the space to grow, change, breathe and just BE. We ARE human, after all. I couldn’t have said it better myself, friend. So glad you were able to add your wise voice to the story. xo

    • I really enjoyed the article in the New York Times and appreciate your honesty and priority in being authentic. This blog post echoes that as well. Thank you!

    • Yes! Perfect timing as I enter my third trimester and have less energy to spread around and really want my family to get the best me. I have been slow blogging for a while now, and it keeps it in it’s rightful place for me.

      • Ahhhh, I totally hear you. And good luck, Mama!!! Happy third trimester!

    • So, somehow I totally missed that you were in Fort Wayne until it was mentioned in the NYTimes. So crazy! I’m in Indy, and I always complain that everything seems to be out of NY, Utah and Atlanta :) Good to know you are in the middle.

      • I keep it fairly private. :) But yes – I’m a proud resident of the middle! Love it here. :)

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