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    Slices of Life // 04

    09.02.2016 / OTHER

    The most magical scene: billows of textiles blowing in the warm Indian breeze while hard-working hands finished their ethical fashion production. // Learning to indigo dye from the pros! // The food. The food, the food, the food. Good gracious, I simply cannot come home, can I? // Visiting a weaver workshop in Panipat for a special project! // Street scenes straight from Jaipur (pigeons not pictured).

    • So incredible that you’re able to see sustainable fabrics being made in person. What a dream… And I would definitely be tempted to stay for the food! Enjoy!

      Sophie x


      • Ha, you’re right – the food is amazing! And yes yes yes, it’s been amazing to watch this process!

    • super cool shots. enjoying on Insta too!

    • So beautiful! I’ve really enjoyed following along your trip to India, and I can’t wait to hear more about Tribe Alive!

      • Oh thank you, Laura – they’re such lovely friends of mine and are truly working so very hard to provide beautiful, ethical alternatives for today’s marketplace. It’s been a treat to watch the production process unfold over here! And India, of course, is just gorgeous. Can’t wait to share more! :)

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