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  • Slices of Life // 07

    09.23.2016 / Miscellaneous

    Cardboard box rockets. // When your mother-in-law visits and helps with the laundry while secretly questioning whether or not the newborn is offered enough visual stimulation – boom – you get an impromptu baby mobile in the dining room. // My new byline for Hello, Dearest friends. // A tiger mask attempt for Halloween turns into a long-time-comin’ conversation about humility: She: “I just want it to be perfect, Mom.” Me: “But no one is perfect!” She: “Except for me. And also Dad.” #TwoAgainstOne // Remembering what it’s like to measure your days in three hour feeding increments. (Not a bad deal at all.)

    • Ah, magical rocket boxes! My current teaching-manners moments involve Forrest announcing loudly “I am RIGHT and you are WRONG!” Well, sweetie, it’s kid of rude to tell people they’re wrong like that… = )

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