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    A Capsule Chat

    05.04.2017 / OTHER

    Update: I’m on my friend Tsh’s podcast again today offering my perspective on capsule wardrobes! You’ll hear why I’m no longer a purist about minimalism, and a few tips/tricks we rely on when dressing ourselves (a topic that, admittedly, I could rattle on about for hours.)

    Have a listen if you’d like!

    • MaryBeth

      This was my first podcast & loved it! Began my capsule journey before we moved last year & wow it ended up spilling over into our entire house w/ endless trips to Goodwill & consigning! So true about how a capsule wardrobe is a great vehicle to creativity! Thanks for the great message & encouragement. mb

      • Thank you SO much for sharing, MaryBeth! I can so relate!

    • Anonymous

      i so so so need this podcast. now.

      I’m about to purge the massive piles of laundry engulfing my apartment! It is TOO much!!

      Listen (cook some quinoa) and start the trek to the laundry mat.


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