• levis 1

    In Pursuit of Jeans, And More

    09.22.2015 / PLAY

    My about page on this site, years ago, used to read this: To life, love, liberty and the pursuit of the perfect pair of jeans. My life has changed. My loves have changed. My liberty has changed in the way that all liberties do, in the way that what we assume is ours to keep is actually ours to give. But my pursuit of the perfect pair of jeans? It remains unchanged, very much so. I find a pair every …

  • dealing with anxiety

    My Anxiety Cure

    09.18.2015 / OTHER

    Cure is perhaps the wrong word, but I have seen this technique work time and time again, in my own life and in the life of others. It worked when I found myself in Los Angeles, lost in the Sepulveda sea, pulling over and enduring my second panic attack of the week. It worked when I found myself a newlywed but feeling alone, feeling lost, feeling listless. It worked when I cried in the master bedroom, when I cried in …

  • Zico Smoothie

    A Smoothie

    09.16.2015 / PLAY

    I don’t believe in twisting yourself into knots of excuses and explanations over the food you make. Julia Child said this. A recipe, then. It’s an easy one, and a nutritious one, and it requires five minutes and a blender. No knots, no excuses, no explanations. I like to dress it up when I make it at home, but it’s just as tasty in your toddler’s sippy cup, just as dazzling in your Nalgene water bottle on your way to …

  • messy living room


    09.11.2015 / OTHER

    On balance, then. What we have come to think about balance, of equal parts work and play and rest and love and parenting and cubicles and zoos and coffee and gym? What we have come to think about the balancing of these activities, of these roles, of these doings is wrong. Do you want balance? Peek at your morning so far. Look at your day. I’m willing to bet you’ve had highs (just enough eggs in the fridge!) and lows …

  • ken and bee

    Of Toddlers & Truth

    09.03.2015 / FAMILY

    “I like Dad better than you.” Well, she said it. My fear had materialized in a single statement, and you know, the context of these things matter. I had thought she’d say it in the midst of a lecture, or when I was asking her to do a Not Fun thing that perhaps Ken doesn’t ask her to do. I had thought she’d say it whilst brushing her teeth. She did not. She’d said it while I was giving her …

  • bernie

    A Quick Tip For Purging Clutter

    09.01.2015 / OTHER

    I am continually shying away from sharing Hows. I don’t know, it just seems like my favorite advice has always been to throw caution to the wind and dig your own ditch. But here’s a story: I dog-sat for my mother-in-law this weekend. She is a lovely tiny Oreo-spotted dog that doesn’t bark, a rare breed if ever there was one. I think she is part cat, perhaps, but still. It was an adventure. I am pretending that Bernie and …

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