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    07.15.2015 / FAMILY

    She wants a treat when we visit the coffee shop. On pointed toes, eyes stretched atop the counter. “Breakfast bar, please.” I won’t always say yes to a breakfast bar, I say. I know, she says. I do. I always say yes to a breakfast bar. — I am crying, on the floor. I am anxious about a project that isn’t going well, that I fear I’ll never finish, that I’m afraid will turn out terribly, that I’ll be embarrassed …

  • HSN HP Birthday Party Styling

    Styling Work, HP

    07.15.2015 / PLAY

    Well, I suppose it’s not every day you throw a birthday party for a computer. But sometimes, when your friends are hosting a TV segment and you’re asked to style their outfits, and can you coordinate with these bold HP colors, and oh yes, we’ll need you in St. Pete for a few days? You needn’t twist any limb of mine. Here, give me a party hat. And this is why I’m in Florida for the week, bringing these mood …

  • instax 1

    Summer Style

    07.13.2015 / PLAY

    Is that an instant camera?, my friend asks as I (unsuccessfully) pretend I’m not taking a photo of my shoes. I was trying not to be obvious – we are always trying not to be obvious, aren’t we? – and yet, by the time the shoe photo is finished developing, she and I have moved on from talking about our chaotic Tuesday and have begun reminiscing about the instant cameras we used to own. Our cameras saw us through late …

  • pickles

    10 Minute Pickles

    07.07.2015 / PLAY

    You know me. I cannot just share a recipe and leave it at that. Because these pickles, you should know, are incredible, yes. But what is even more so incredible is that, on a Friday afternoon, I became a new version of myself: I became one who pickles. I am officially a pickler! What? I do not try new things, typically. It’s not an official rule; it’s just that I will always make the decision that offers more comfort (I …

  • summer reads

    July Reads

    07.03.2015 / PLAY

    Whether you’re donning sun-screened shoulders at the lake or swapping ice cream sandwiches at the family reunion, there are, like, nine million really good books to read between cannonballs and sparklers. Here are the current favorites I’ve loved so far this summer: 1. Everything You Ever Wanted / Jillian Lauren Hands down, my favorite read this year. Whatever your views are on adoption, motherhood, anxiety and doubt, Jillian’s words are honest, poignant and relatable. She is a beautiful, truthful writer. …

  • vanity


    07.01.2015 / OTHER

    One needs only to burn their bicep with a curling iron to begin thinking of vanity. It was Sunday. I want to write that I was rushed, that the burn was a byproduct of a frenzied morning and a failed attempt in multi-tasking, but the truth is that my mind was elsewhere and my reflexes are slow, and now there is a purplish-reddish Illinois on my upper arm. When I survey the many hours I have collected in front of …

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