• man in coffee shop

    And Everything Else

    01.29.2016 / OTHER

    I am driving, in the grocery store parking lot, and I am on my phone. It is not the wisest practice – phone calls while driving – and yet, I justify the gut feeling away. Today, it is my mother-in-law. She has left her purse in the passenger seat, and I am calling to ask if she is home. Can I drop it off before Bee’s nap time? And I drive, slowly, cautiously – I’m on my phone, after all …

  • brunch

    Thanks, But No Thanks

    01.27.2016 / LIFE

    You know when you’re at brunch and the waiter talks of their artisan jam? “It’s made from hand-picked organic cherries in Michigan, this tiny little farm off 96, and we infuse it with fresh mint from our herb wall over there and really, you’re not going to believe it. It’s divine. Trust me. Would you like some?” he’ll say. But you’ve never been one for jelly, not really. Oh, man, that does sound awesome! No thanks, though. “Really, you’ve gotta …


    Tea For One

    01.25.2016 / OTHER

    Well, my little universe is in balance again. And by that, I mean, the scale has been tipped to the other side entirely, the side in which discipline wins and self control reigns and I’ve been eating raw carrots for lunch. You, too? I have always lived in a world of extremes. Ken calls me ‘All or nothing,’ and he says it with a smile unless we’re arguing, and then he says it with a sigh. But he’s right – …

  • toddler in snow

    A Toddler’s Prayer

    01.22.2016 / FAMILY

    For posterity, is all: Dear God, It’s me! Thank you for a wonderful day. Actually (Mom, can I say actually? – Yes, you can say actually), OK, actually, thank you for hedgehogs, too. I think they are just so funny when they sneeze. Please help me to sleep good. Thank you for my hair and my knees and actually for stickers. The end. Oops! I mean ‘Amen.’ The end. Oops! I said it again! I’m actually going to just start …

  • smuckers-001

    The Mealtime Movement

    01.19.2016 / FAMILY

    I have often heard that families are created around the dinner table. That the most important hour of the day is 6pm, that we must take pause and say grace and eat the potatoes together, evening after evening, without fail, no matter what, forever and ever, Amen. Dinner time is sacred, it has been written. And it is sacred, of course, but I don’t think it is sacred because of the hour, or the table setting, or the menu. I …

  • balance


    01.15.2016 / OTHER

    This morning, I read a beautiful passage from an interview with artist Janine Antoni, who once learned to walk a tightrope for the art commission, Touch. She says this: So, I practiced tightrope for about an hour a day, and after about a week, I started to feel like, I’m now getting my balance. And as I was walking, I started to notice that it wasn’t that I was getting more balanced but that I was getting more comfortable with …

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