• fish tank 02

    Safety Nets

    11.10.2015 / LIFE

    Fall is ending. Our last unseasonably warm stretch is behind us, and I’ve traded my straw hat for wool. — The highlight of her evening is Octonauts. She likes it because Dashy (or is it Tweak?) talks like a Country-Western star and Bee has, since, adopted this trait for herself. Where’s mah coat? I need mah water! Do you have mah water? I’m late for mah party! But the other reason she likes Octonauts is because she gets not one …

  • erin loechner for coach zappos

    On Swagger

    11.09.2015 / PLAY

    This month marked the reddening of leaves, the chilling of the air, the darkening of the night. Fall is here. And with it, a new season arrived – one I hadn’t been anticipating, one I hadn’t known to look for: the official retiring of the diaper bag. I never understood how many transitions parenthood offered, how many mile markers are passed on any given day. There are the ones we recognize as we approach them, as they arrive and ultimately …

  • erin-loechner-hgtv-bedroom-2

    The Self in Self Care

    11.06.2015 / LIFE

    My friend Anna bakes the most delicious confections. When we lived in Los Angeles, she’d arrive to the cookout or rooftop party with something extravagantly hand-crafted, like a Malaysian Seri Muka or artisan lavender shortbread cookies infused with a sprig of fresh mint from her garden. Once, she tackled an oversized butterscotch creme brulee for a baby shower and we all crowded around her campfire of sugar, cheering as it went up in a single flame. Anna would immaculately display …

  • framebridge coupon

    The Ones Worth Framing

    11.04.2015 / OTHER

    Well, surprise. Writing a book is hard. Who knew? Not I. (Kidding.) I did know, or at least I had an inkling, but I had promised myself I wouldn’t make it hard, that I would have fun with it, that I would embrace! the! process! And I did, for a bit, the embracing. And then I promptly forgot my promise and had a few nervous breakdowns over the course of six months. You know me and ambiguity. We’re not on …

  • erin-loechner-tribe-alive

    Over & Out

    10.23.2015 / TRAVEL

    I didn’t anticipate a passport stamp to Haiti. But then again, rarely do I anticipate the greatest gifts. Ken, out of left field. Bee, surprise! Even the site you’re reading this on, this glowing rectangle that’s oddly held just enough space for a decade of myself? Wildly unexpected. And now here’s Haiti. I’m going for the week with a few favorites, and I’ll be Instagramming, of course. But mostly, I want to watch and listen and look and see. Because, …

  • boggs 04

    Wait and See

    10.22.2015 / FAMILY

    When the season begins to shift in the Midwest, when the leaves begin to float from their branches and collect on the sidewalks in oranges and yellows and rubies, we all take notice. Garage doors fly open; kids play badminton in the driveway. Bikes that have grown dust in the hot summer months whiz by for one more hurrah, for one last sunset ride before the days grow short and cold and dark. People walk the cul-de-sac hand in hand, …

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