• cladwell capsules 2

    The Truth About Minimalism

    01.13.2016 / LIFE

    My first purging attempt is in college. Dressed in a bandana and cutoff jean shorts, I survey the stacks of class notes, old photos, vacation journals and books that line my wallpapered closet. I sing along to the Beach Boys on repeat – God Only Knows – and I carefully cull through years and years of ephemera to find the hidden gems I want to carry with me. What will I want to stuff into suitcases that might offer padding, …

  • bee and erin


    01.07.2016 / OTHER

    She: Calling them hand fives. I’ll have done something smart like remembering to switch the laundry or googling what hedgehogs eat (cat food, go figure?) and she’ll say, Great job, Mom. Hand five. It’s been arts and crafts, crafts and arts. There is a thin layer of glue smattering everything east of the office. I’m uncharacteristically nonchalant over the mess. You know I’ve always had a soft spot for good old-fashioned art. At night, she plugs her nose when she …

  • non goals 2016


    01.06.2016 / LIFE

    Well, listen. I think you’re fine just the way you are. Sure, you might benefit from a crash course in assertiveness. It might do you some good to cut the sugar, to read the classics, to schedule yourself a detox bath twice a week. But it might not. It might just make you feel gloriously defeated when you fall into bed at the end of the night to find Catcher In The Rye gathering dust (again). It might offer the …

  • schoola design for mankind 5


    12.30.2015 / WORK

    So, you’ve been unplugging from the Internet and are all caught up on the adventures of Del Griffith, Cousin Eddie, Kevin McCallister and Ralphie Parker? Feeling like a detox from the popcorn, the hot cocoa, the leftover buckeyes? You’ve taken 18 walks around the neighborhood to see the lights, you’ve built the gingerbread house, you’ve lit the pine candles, you’ve crossed off every item on your winter break bucket list and Bing Crosby isn’t doing it for ya anymore? Me, …

  • rainy day

    Getting It Wrong

    12.28.2015 / OTHER

    Fear of mistakes. She gets it from me. Last week, during a reading lesson, we’re working on ‘meat.’ She says each letter’s sound, slowly, surely, and I tell her good job, let’s say them as a word now, let’s read it together. But I might get it wrong, she says. It’s ok, I say. Getting it wrong is usually the first step to getting it right. Trust me, I know. — I do know. I’ve been getting a lot wrong …

  • design for mankind for zappos 2


    12.24.2015 / OTHER

    You know, this weather. It’s worth documenting here, because we hit 64 degrees this week and it’s Christmas Eve today and I’m wearing a short-sleeved sweater, and I don’t know, but when is the last time this kind of thing happened to us Midwesterners? (Ken tells me it was 1986. He remembers it well; he was gifted his first pair of roller skates on Christmas morning, and he nearly brayed with joy when he realized it was warm enough to …

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