• boggs 04

    Wait and See

    10.22.2015 / FAMILY

    When the season begins to shift in the Midwest, when the leaves begin to float from their branches and collect on the sidewalks in oranges and yellows and rubies, we all take notice. Garage doors fly open; kids play badminton in the driveway. Bikes that have grown dust in the hot summer months whiz by for one more hurrah, for one last sunset ride before the days grow short and cold and dark. People walk the cul-de-sac hand in hand, …

  • erin-loechner


    10.21.2015 / OTHER

    You love ’em or hate ’em, right? (I love ’em.) Here’s the thing about affirmations. Repeating them is the easy part. Looping a CD in your car on the way to the grocery store is the easy part. Saying them out loud is the easy part. Listening to them while you do the dishes, hearing them while you type another email, allowing them to reverberate in the midst of a frenzied parenting moment? These are the easy parts. It’s the …

  • coach shoes 3


    10.20.2015 / OTHER

    Things no one has ever called me: Loud Wild Bold — My girlfriend once told me she divides the mothers she knows into two distinct and very separate categories: those who keep households in which their children can mix Play-Doh, and those who do not. I fall swiftly in the former category, but only with practice. I had never mixed Play-Doh until Bee came along making marbled worms and swirly snails, and it took a great deal of restraint to …

  • social media

    Plugged / Unplugged

    10.19.2015 / LIFE

    Well, here’s what I think about being unplugged. I love it. I love to be unplugged, to wax philosophically over what our nation’s ultra-connectedness is perhaps doing to our children, to our elders, to the society at large, to the shape of our culture forever and ever, Amen. We talk about it often, at dinner parties or conferences or playdates. And the rest of the time, the lady in the gynecology lobby reprimands us for texting our sister and we …

  • bee

    Questions Before 9am

    10.14.2015 / FAMILY

    Mom? What rhymes with air conditioner? What about plankton? Piano? — Hey, how’d you sleep? Want coffee? Did you sign the paperwork? — Does plankton rhyme with clankton? Can I stay in my pajamas today? Can I have ketchup? What’s a home study? — Does your mom need the car seat? Are we forgetting anything? Did you make copies of everything? Should we bring them? — Your mom’s here. Did you pack Bee’s lunch? — Bee? Can you get the …

  • levis-600-3

    How To Dress Up Your Denim

    10.13.2015 / PLAY

    Listen; here is what I want to tell you today. Break the rules. I do not take kindly to women telling each other what cannot be worn. Choose white after Labor Day, if it makes you sing. Wear socks with your sandals if it makes you smile. Pair your favorite dress with sneakers, shave half of your head, get a tattoo, or don’t. Style is yours for the fun of it. Go your own way. Knowing this about me, you …

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