• happy hour girls

    Happy Hour

    06.12.2015 / PLAY

    Well, here’s a fun thing to try. Take four women with four different summer calendars packed with the likes of five business trips, three birthday parties, two extracurricular activities, one wedding (and a partridge in a pear tree?) and find a two hour window in which to celebrate all of the above. A woman’s calendar is a twisted game of Tetris. And yet, it happened! We did it. We found a window and squeezed it into the calendar nearly a …

  • love


    06.10.2015 / LIFE

    Well, really, love is little more than a man bringing a pillow out to his wife on the hammock. But of course that’s not true. It is a man knowing his wife, noticing that it’s sunny, that the toddler is down for her nap, that she can certainly be found reading, swaying just outside the sunroom. It is a husband taking a break from the computer, the stacked papers, the receipt files, walking to the kitchen to refill his water …

  • IMG_4235

    A Secret

    06.09.2015 / OTHER

    Well, hey. We know each other but we don’t really know each other, so let’s get down to it, yes? Yesterday, it was realized that I am passive aggressive. It was also realized that this is quite common in women, as we’ve been raised to assume a certain posture, a certain persona, a certain portrait that smiles and blinks and nods, and never quite says precisely what she feels. Here is why this is hard for me to swallow: I …

  • living-proof-2

    A Hair Experiment

    06.08.2015 / PLAY

    This is a sponsored post for Living Proof – thanks for reading! I am forever experimenting. You know the gals with the signature lipstick, the signature scent, the signature everything? The girl who hasn’t changed her Parisian stripes since 1982 and still manages to look effortlessly modern, pulled together, in tact? I am not her. I am, instead, a beauty kaleidoscope – switching colors, adjusting shades, rearranging products – a twirly merry-go-round of powders and balms and age-defying serums. It …

  • summer photos

    Yellow, Change

    06.03.2015 / LIFE

    This morning, I have fooled myself into thinking I have nothing to say. In truth, I have much to say – please come, don’t knock, let me tell you my feelings, would you like some grapefruit water? – but when my feelings aren’t kind and controlled and focused, my mind is a rushed tour guide in khaki. Move along, nothing good here to see. Today, in a cold coffee shop, there is a woman cracking her gum and a blister …

  • IMG_2994(1)

    A Parenting Tip for Toddlers

    06.01.2015 / FAMILY

    My girlfriend is a Montessori teacher and she is continually supplying me with small bits of parenting wisdom – a kind, charitable neighbor leaving shreds of lettuce leaves on her patio for me, the boggled spring bunny. Her most recent shred was not a leaf but an entire week’s worth of substance to chew on, and it was so practical and Eureka!ish that I needed to share with you right this moment. If ever there were a phase of parenting …

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