• alfredo

    On Nourishment

    08.13.2015 / OTHER

    A few years ago, Ken and I hosted our family Christmas. We had 16 mouths to feed and a handful of picky kids, so the menu chose us: a pasta bar. To the voices of Bing Crosby and David Bowie, we stir butter noodles and simmer heirloom tomatoes and begin to prep the star of the show: a homemade alfredo sauce I’d dogeared months before. Bee crawls underfoot as I consult the recipe. Ken rummages through the fridge for our …

  • ecuador 06

    When In Ecuador…

    08.10.2015 / TRAVEL

    1. Turn off your phone. 2. Head straight for Otavalo and book a room at Casa Mojanda. Room 1 is rad because it has a fireplace and is closest to the food. Also, the llama. If you’re coming in around midnight on a Saturday, you might catch an indigenous rave and smile at the baby riding in a pouch eating meat on a stick. Ask your driver if Ecuador likes to party and witness an emphatic string of positives: Yes, …

  • adoption photo


    07.31.2015 / FAMILY

    I am easily overwhelmed. It takes only a perfect trickling of events for me to retreat to the shower for deep breaths and some rosemary shampoo, which is where Ken found me a few days ago – heavy eyes and sudsy hair. It was Saturday morning, and our little trio was home – in the same zip code! – for the entire weekend. Bliss was anticipated, a wide open margin of white space of which to tackle whatever we chose: …

  • hp

    In My Element

    07.30.2015 / WORK

    Well, I think we are offered a great many elements. Just yesterday, a science-y (the technical term, I’m sure) friend was attempting to explain to me the various compounds that exist when we mix atoms from the Periodic Table of Elements. (By the way, if you ever failed to assume how non-scientific I am, you will do well to know I also, just yesterday, learned that the terminology is not, in fact, the Periodical Table of Elements, as in the …

  • bee-jumping-on-bed


    07.24.2015 / FAMILY

    Bee is 3. We’ve spent the week in tiny, intermittent celebrations – a slice of cake at one grandmother’s house, a trip to the ice cream shop with another. It has been quiet, with joy. It has been sweet. Yesterday, she ran around with the fly swatter for an hour, challenging herself to exterminate all distractions. Gotcha! Gotcha! Did NOT Gotcha! she had shouted. We have been running to and fro this summer, and we feel the pull. We are …

  • sadness-bed

    Good Days

    07.21.2015 / LIFE

    While brushing my teeth, a realization arrives so quickly that I spit, fast, wipe the errant toothpaste on my bath towel and tiptoe in my moccasins down the hall to the office, and I write this: I have been evaluating my good days all wrong. Nightly, I write a simple daily recap in my journal. It is a going-on-three-year tradition, a way to spotlight the small and to write down the good. “Fish tacos for dinner. Ken loved it; Bee …

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