Get ready. I mean, really. Get. Ready.

For a few weeks now, Shane from Art House Co-Op and I have been in cahoots about what is soon to be the best collabo EVER. And I’m not even joking.

But like homemade pies and mixed tapes, they can only be as good as what you put into it. Which means, we need YOU [yes, in that Uncle Sam-poster-kind of way].

So, if you want your work to (a). gain exposure, (b). be PUBLISHED, (c). have an official spot on the gallery wall of Art House Co-Op, or (d). all of the above, read on.

And if not? Well, you’re crazy.

The Scavenger Project is a book compiled by Art House Co-Op and Design for Mankind where each chapter will reference a moment or scenario found by YOU.  Here’s how it works:

1. Go here and sign up.
2. Receive your welcome kit, participation info and a list of 24 items, one for each chapter.
3. Visually represent each item in whatever way you’d like– paint, illo, photograph, 3D dioramas, etc.
4. Send in your submissions and watch the beauty of our individual perspectives unfold.

If you’d like to participate and want to pre-order the book, feel free to do that right here as well. And yes, I’m going to do it, too, so we can all pretend like we’re in a big fancy club together. We can talk in code, if you like. ;)

OK, any questions? Go get ’em, and sign up now!!!!! So excited to see your submissions, and shoot me an email if you’ve signed up so I can cheer you on!

p.s. This will be my only post today, so I can catch up on:
1. Sleep
2. Your emails, which are the highlight of my day!
3. A crazy amount of projects
4. Packing. :(
5. Re-scheduled birthday activities.

See you tomorrow— love to you all.

  • Wow this sounds like a neat idea. I have a few questions i might ask you about it later (via email probably).

    Enjoy your catch up day!! (get to packing girlie!) and yay for extended birthday celebrations!

  • Great project Erin! I went to sign up, but it’s only open to US addresses. NOOOOO! Let a few Canadians (and other international folk) participate! Pretty please?? :)

  • it looks so cool, but i’m intimidated by coming up with 24 things. wish i had an idea of what kind of things. have a great catch up!

  • Oh, sometimes I wish I sent my kids to school so I’d have more time to do things like this..what a fantastic idea!

  • Hey everyone! Shane from art house co-op here. I’m working on fixing it so that people from outside of the United States can participate, too! Should be up by tomorrow! I’ll leave another comment letting you know when it’s working.

  • Love the idea! My question is about copyright. On the scavenger site i understand that by sending in the images we’ll be giving Art House the right to reproduce and use our work. BUT can the artist take their series of 24 images and use them for other things? Or by participating in Scavenger the images can only be for this project?

  • Hey! Steven here from art house! Of course you can still use your images! We just have permission to print them and what not. Everyone is also free to contact us directly as well at [email protected]!!

  • i’m in!..i was going to participate in their small canvas project, but i got sidetracked…this will be tons of fun. thanks for the suggestion.

  • i love this idea. if i were at all talented in the art department i’d be all over it! i’m excited to see the finished product.

  • Darn, I was all pumped to sign up, but alas, I am in Montreal. Regardless, I look forward to seeing the completed book. :)

  • Seriously…when do you sleep?! You amaze me, my friend;) So much so that I’ve just signed up. Not sure I’m worthy of such a fantastic project, but I’ll try my best. Definitely a good way to play around with my camera:) So exciting!

  • I love Art House! What a great chance for me to jump in to my first project with them. As for the fancy club, there will definitely need to be a secret handshake. :)

  • Shane again! I just did some tweaking and opened it up for all of you over seas finally! Just go to the project page and select the International Application!

  • I’m signing up for this for sure… sounds wonderful!

    Yes, Julia Pott is amazing, thank you for the introduction.

  • Hey Erin, you know the more I think about the US only rule – the more sad it makes me. The amazing thing about this blog world and this cyber world we love so much is that it’s so global, no borders, no countries. Like Etsy, like so many swaps and trades on many a blog it never matters where you live. Life here for the most part is completely multi-national.

    I do hope you’ll have a second thought and change this very limiting rule.


  • Hi Susan—

    It is open! It is open! International residents can now apply! :)

    Sorry for the initial glitch, but yes— we want to welcome EVERYONE to the project.

  • Wow! This sounds like such an amazing project! Can’t wait to see everyone’s contribution. Rest, relax, catch up and give Bernie a big hug for me. He doesn’t know me, but, luckily dogs don’t care all that much WHO the hugs are coming from just, that they are gettin’ some! :)

  • Oh yay— I’m so so glad y’all will be joining in on the fun! Eek!

    Update: We’ll have a flickr group up in a few days so you can upload your progress— so excited about this! :)

    Thanks for playing with us!!!

  • FUN!!!!!! Fabulous project Erin, and I am so looking forward to being part of this fantastic collaboration! I can’t wait to see how everyone interprets each item with their own personal flair.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait to get my kit and start creating. What a fantastic idea. You and your site are a never-ending source of inspiration.

  • Three massive cheers for opening this up to international. It has completely made my day and as soon as I can I’ll be signing up. So there’ll be at least one submission from Down Under!

  • Oh wonderful! I think it’s super important to allow for international influences in every project, so I’m so glad to hear you’ll be participating!!!

  • and there will be one entry from japan as well. this is the first time im taking part in a collaborative creative project. oh the excitement!

  • I signed up as soon as I went back & noticed it was open to non-US residents. Yay! (Before that, I was seriously considering having it mailed to my mom back home in Texas & then making her mail to me in Holland.)

  • Erin, I really want to do the project, but since I don’t currently have a job $$$ is super tight. So sad, especially after your lovely e-mail! You made me feel so special! One day soon I hope to be able to advertise in your mag and on the blog!

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