MYkind: corners of my home…

imm living ceramic bear rug

Last month, immLiving sent over a handful of treats for me to style in my home as part of their favorite bloggers event. Needless to type, I was thrilled to participate, as immLiving is sort of the mecca for white ceramic accessories and quirky home surprises. Care to see how I used my favorite immFinds throughout my home?

Above: Take a closer look at that spoon rest. It’s a ceramic bear rug! Grr!

imm living 3

Above: A jar of antlers is the perfect party game displayed next to my kitten in a dome.

imm living

Above: In my entryway, a ball of twine holds court atop a hoofed dish.

imm living giraffe jewelry holder

Above: In my bedroom, a few favorite baubles are kept safe by Virginie the Giraffe.

imm living

Above: In the kitchen, a bowling pin jar houses sweet treats and a metallic gnome practices his mad bottle opening skills.

Did you enjoy your tour? I have a final surprise for you:
1. DIGS is offering 10% off any immLiving product from now through Dec 31st. Use discount code IMM2011, and happy shopping!


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