dear bee // 3.

Dear Bee,

Oh, you are growing leaps and bounds this week. Today you’re 10 days old and you’ve been so alert, awake and ready to hit the ground running (even in the middle of the night!). Last week’s lazy baby has been replaced with a tiny spark plug that loves to feed all. day. long. (Luckily, our nursing woes have ended thanks to a heavenly lactation consultant that visited our home a few days ago.)

Your brothers Bernie and George love to be wherever you are, which this week, has meant we’re all snuggling on the couch for our marathon nursing sessions. We’ve been watching lots of Parenthood and Olympics coverage, and you’ve been keeping Dad busy with multiple diaper changes every few hours. We can’t help but laugh at your various facial expressions that tell us exactly when it’s time to change you.

We took our first outing yesterday to a friend’s house, and you slept through the whole experience. But that’s ok – we’ll have plenty more. Forever and ever and ever.