and the winner is…

computer and pencils

OK so earlier this week, I agreed to take the Bing vs. Google challenge, and it’s Friday! Which means I made it without quitting, which is huge for me. I love to quit things, which is partly why I’m so rad to be around. “Hate dieting? Quit it!” “Sick of your job? Quit it!” I’m a never-ending giver of grace, allowing each and everyone I know to quit the things they’re tired of, regardless of all consequences. It’s a blessed curse, really, especially when you tell your best friend to dump the boyfriend she hates and she doesn’t and then they get married years later and you’re super not invited to the wedding.

Anyway. I’m going to quit talking about it. (Get it? Ha!)

So I promised I’d check in with my results today, and here’s the other big personality flaw I possess: I find it very hard to make decisions, specifically when choosing winners. I want everyone to win in life, always and forever. And although I can always pick a winner for dinner (cheeseburgers, duh), Bing vs. Google was a bit harder. To be honest, I used Bing’s search engine all week long and barely noticed one significant difference. Which was weird, right? So today, I cheated a bit and Googled. And then Binged. In two separate windows, next to each other, using the same search terms. And here’s what I noticed:

When I searched for personal-related stuff (i.e. travel, shopping, etc), Bing won hands down. Because Bing has this handy little sidebar where my Facebook friends who had visited the place I was headed or bought the product I searched for would show up in a feed. I mean, how perfect is that when it comes to asking for personal recommendations on whether or not I should stay in a certain hotel or buy that scarf? (The answer is always yes to buying scarves, by the way.)

But for work-related stuff, I chose Google, and the only reason is because I missed Google’s image search like crazy. You know when you stumble upon an image on Pinterest and it’s improperly credited so you can’t find the original source? I use this tiny camera trick at least once daily, and I couldn’t do that this week. So I suppose for work, I’m sticking with Google.

But because I love that Bing was bold enough to challenge a slew of bloggers to do this, I’m listing a few creative ways I plan on using Bing in the future:
1. Scenario: You’re planning a trip to London and need to know where you simply must purchase a baguette. Type in ‘London’ to see on the right that your old college roommate lives there now and message her to get the inside scoop.
2. Scenario: You’ve realized that you’re crazy out of touch with your old college roommate and are embarrassed that you didn’t even know she lived in London. Type ‘stationery’ and get answers from a bunch of Quora smarties on the best stationery to send to someone you’ve horridly neglected in your life.
3. Scenario: You’re in London staying with your old college roommate and it turns out she’s a total crazy person now. Use Bing’s app to search ‘London hostels’ and see that there’s one located less than a mile from you. Get thee to that hostel.

See? Bing is totally going to save my life someday. I feel it. OK, so did you guys take the challenge? What did you think? Spill it, toots. (sponsored)

  • “you’re super not invited to the wedding.”

    Hahahhhaa. Years later said friend huffs, “Why didn’t I listen to you?”

    Sorry, I have nothing constructive to add to Bing vs. Google (didn’t even know what Bing was). Your first paragraph is so funny/true.

  • This was super useful. I have always wondered, but never had the guts, like you, to actually test it. I am a google fan myself! Well I can use this information for the future.

  • I use both Bing and Google. (Like you, I want everyone to win…Splenda AND regular sugar, coffee AND tea, brie cheese AND sharp cheddar…) I like Bing for the cool photos on their homepage, but I like Google for their quirky decorated logo (Cookie Monster’s eyes being the two O’s in Google for Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary? Genius!). I find that Bing’s great at general searches and that Google’s better with specific ones. The main thing I love about Bing though is that you can earn points for using it and then you can redeem those points for cool things like a free month of Hulu Plus, or a free movie, or gift certificates, etc.

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