dear bee // 28.

Dear Bee,

You’re eight months old now, which means I have to stop buying frozen pizzas in bulk at the market and telling the grocer that I have a newborn at home. Because Bee, you are no newborn. You’re a kicky, squishy, squirmy being – one that your father and I are trying our best to keep up with. And in celebration of the massive personality you’ve grown into over the past few months, we wanted to capture your spirit in a more visual way in today’s letter:

I’ve always loved the metaphorical nature of time capsules, hidden and buried into the depths of the earth. The same soil that produces life and death and seasons and growth and change are also keeping our memories safe, preserved for years to come. So today, for the sake of posterity, we’re launching a virtual time capsule into the depths of the Internet for you. We’ll have less dirt beneath our fingernails, but just as much meaning when we uncover our capsule years from now.

I can’t wait to see how everything will change. And how, somehow, it will have all stayed the same.


p.s. Friends – if you’d like to make your own time capsule, the folks at Capsoul are kind and wonderful and have built an amazing service to do so. Go forth and bury those memories – no shovel necessary.

  • This is an even better idea than the many photo albums one accumulates over the years and the videos taken on special occasions. I love how you show the everyday beauty of living with your little one!

  • Wow, what an incredible idea to preserve these precious memories for your little girl! It’s like a 3D photo album able to capture the sights and sounds of life in both the big milestones and everyday moments. I love that you take the time to write Bee and read her that letter…as a mommy and daddy’s little girl myself, I know this will mean the world to her someday! Thanks so much for sharing this time capsule – may just have to do a few of my own now :)

  • Wow this is really amazing! I have been wondering what to do with all the I-phone videos I have saved on my phone. How long did this take you?!

  • That was just about the most awesome thing ever. I think all my videos, should I make one, would be of baby giggles. They’re the best!

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