Destination Summer

Ever since we returned home from Singapore, Ken and I have been seeking out more local activities to carry on the spirit of travel in our own backyard. We’ve been trying new restaurants, hitting more farmer’s markets – anything to keep the adventurous momentum alive and well in our wee family of three…

So when Kohl’s asked if I’d join their Destination Summer road trip series, I couldn’t resist. After all, summer is a time of adventure. I tend to live life on the quieter side, generally swinging to the far end of the introvert, nose-in-a-book spectrum. I’m an indoors girl, an observer. A thinker.

But there’s something about the hot sun and endless days that makes me want to embrace the other side of me – the one that wants to throw open the door and run barefoot through the tall blades of grass before collapsing into a heap of sun-dried laundry and clothespins.

So of course, I love the spirit behind this campaign – the idea that we can all be world travelers within our own corners of the country. We can seek out something we’ve never seen before; wander through uncharted territory. And along the way, we can celebrate the ones we love with intention and gratitude, making an everyday Thursday afternoon just a bit more special.

Ken’s been spending a lot of time golfing this summer, on a course created in a local man’s backyard. It’s a sight to see – a six hole golf course in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, and the very concept makes me smile from ear to ear.

Some men build things for their own enjoyment, but this man (who also boasts an incredible holiday light display in the winter months) has created something larger than himself – something for the enjoyment of others. There’s a lesson there, I’m sure, a hole in one metaphor: if you want to build something, start in your own backyard.

So after hearing about this incredible place, Bee and I decided to tag along and pack a picnic to enjoy on the greens. We all dined on sandwiches and fruit while Bee took breaks to learn the secret to a great putt and I watched from afar, marveling at the incredible bond fathers and daughters share and the beauty of neighbors who live selfless, openhearted lives.

Summer in the Midwest is somewhat of a badge of honor. We’ve survived the long, harsh winter and as the temperatures inch higher to 60, 70, 80, 90, our spirits rise with the climbing sun. We did it. We made it. We’re here. And like any season of life, it’s time to embrace it.

Wishing you a beautiful season, wherever you are. Happy #DestinationSummer, friends.

p.s. This post is sponsored by Kohl’s, but all opinions (and sandwiches) are my own. On me: Dress / Sandals. On Ken: Shirt / Shorts / Shoes. On Bee: Hat / Tunic / Shorts / Shoes.