An Update


OK, so this week was topsy-turvy, one full of deadlines that didn’t involve the Internet or the computer or anything remotely keyboard-related. I never have those, so it felt pretty nice – spinning real, in-person plates rather than spinning emails or metaphorical plates. I don’t know if that makes sense. It doesn’t, likely. This post is sponsored by very little sleep, a glass of red wine, and Bee, who is currently placing an undetermined amount of stickers on my left thigh as I type this.

Thanks, Bee.


Anyway! I wanted you guys to be the first to know that Friday is the last day to pre-order my capsule collection, meaning you have an official 24 hours to purchase the limited edition until it’s gone forever. 24 hours, that’s it. Crazy, right? I mean, I can barely paint my nails in 24 hours, so basically this means you’ve gotta get on it if you want these pretties pieces in your closet.


BTW – Thanks to Cassie for these lovely photos! Now ready, set, pre-order (if you’d like!)…


THE PIECES: From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Pants ($140), Lighten Up Crop Tank ($70), From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Top ($85), Undone Tee ($55)

Happy ordering, and happy weekend. Hope it’s filled with red wine, stickers and something inspired.