A Simpler Beauty Routine

Note: This is a sponsored post for bareMinerals, a company that believes in potential over perfection, beauty over pretty and pure over parabens. Thanks for reading!

As soon as I began purging my wardrobe last year, I started taking steps to reduce the contents of my bathroom cabinet as well. I’ve got a long way to go (I don’t want to talk about the alarming number of lipstick tubes I’ve amassed over the years), but today, I’m happy to report progress in that I’ve settled on a foundation that works with my skin, day in and day out. It’s here, and it’s a game-changer.

I first started relying on bareMinerals in college – the powdery formula was perfect for concealing blemishes and taming my ever-oily skin – but now that I’m pressed for time on most days, I’ve grown to appreciate a quick and easy liquid foundation that I can apply in thirty seconds or less. Enter Complexion Rescue, a paraben-free tinted gel cream that improves skin, rather than hides it.

I use mine daily for a healthy dose of SPF 30 and a simple way to even my skin tone and texture, and after layering a bright pink blush, eyeliner, mascara, lip balm and a quick taming of the eyebrows, I’m free to tackle the day ahead – from yoga to playdates to coffee shop writing breaks between.

And through this beauty routine minimizing process, here’s what I’ve come to believe, about skincare: I want it to be simple. And pure. And easy. And part of that is coming to terms with my skin, just as it is. Just as it was created to be.

We could all hide behind masks, couldn’t we? We could all look deep into pores larger than we’d like, or eye bags heavier than we’d like, or wrinkles running deeper than we’d like. And we could layer and conceal and cover and hide, and we could declare to the world that our beauty is really, truly, no really I promise natural. I woke up like this, we’d say.

Our skin is a great protective barrier from external elements like sun and wind and water, but it can also be a great protective barrier from other elements: Vulnerability. Honesty.

Self value.

I have, on many occasions, hidden behind a mask of makeup. I have bought into the lie that, to be beautiful, I had to be pretty. And better. With whiter teeth and clearer skin. A vat of concealer, please, enough to make sure my flaws don’t shine through.

It’s a lie I’m working hard to unlearn, and it’s one that I think of daily when I apply a tinted gel cream that nourishes, rather than covers. When I decide to leave my skin as it is, lightly layered, ever-so-moisturized, gently loved.

Radiant, hydrating.


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