Springing to Austin

This is a sponsored post for Zappo’s – thanks for reading!

The sun is peeking and the ground is thawing and it’s the kind of week that tricks us into thinking that perhaps we can officially stow away the hats, coats, mittens, gloves until mid-October. And yet, I live in the Midwest, where there’s nothing official about the weather. Our climate is flighty, an 8th grade adolescent feeling equal parts angst and love, responsibility and slack.

And so, we’ve been welcoming spring inch by inch around here – slowly, surely –  removing woolen blankets from beds, storing the sled in the attic, cracking open windows on particularly sunny afternoons. And yet, I will not be fooled. I cannot yet de-winter my Wardrobe 25 for fear of Murphy’s Law, which when paraphrased, surely announces that She Who Stores Her Snow Boots Receives Snow.

So, while I haven’t rid my closet of its layers entirely, I’ve already welcomed some new additions that will transition nicely from winter to spring – partly in preparation for a flight to Austin this weekend. The trip snuck up on me, as many do, because I flip my calendar just one week in advance. This gives me less time to over-think the events on the horizon (a necessary strategy for an over-thinker like myself), but also means I’m often mildly unprepared for any given day.

Solution? Speedy shipping sites, like Zappo’s, where I can pop a few trip items into my cart – a blush leather jacket for my keynote, a fitness tank for Saturday’s yoga session, comfy pants for the airplane and some sneakers for horseback riding – and receive them faster (and with far less fluorescent lighting plus doughy pretzel temptations) than a trip to the mall. I call that a win/win/win in these parts.

Pause: I have found that my favorite part of experimenting with Wardrobe 25 is the ability to make mindful purchases that transition seamlessly between seasons. Because I am no longer wearing more than 25 items at any given time, my impulse purchases have flown the coop, and in their place, a bit of thought up front. I suppose I’ve simply condensed my thinking into one hour on a random Saturday, culling my wardrobe and prepping for spring, rather than several minutes throughout the week standing in front of my closet, asking myself what to wear today.

And so, you’ll see the blush leather jacket, the tank, the pants, the sneakers again over the next few months. In fact, it took me an abnormal amount of time to choose them, I suppose being out of practice of shopping, because I knew they’d need to be purchases I stick with – and wear repeatedly – for the next few months.

Besides, what’s the opposite of Murphy’s Law – the Snow Boot one, not the real one? If you build it, they will come? If you start prepping your closet for a spring-friendly Wardrobe 25, the sun will arrive and the flowers will bloom and the weather will follow your lead?


But if not, there’s always Austin. See you next week!

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