A Stress Fix For The Weary

I am in a rut – or rather, I have become the rut itself: trenched deep into the brain pattens of years past, channeling a former mind entirely. When stress arrives, I will always revert to Sloth Mode.

When I am twelve, my older sister finds me sitting on the bathroom toilet – in its blue shag covered glory – drinking maple syrup from the bottle. What are you doing, she asks?

Mom made me break up with Kyle, I explain.

Her empathy offers no hint of surprise, because this is what one does when one mourns, when one is frustrated, when one’s rope is a bit frayed on the end. One consumes breakfast condiments on the commode. Naturally.

And although my present day stress level hasn’t yet created a repeat occurrence of this particular sort, it has had its moments, to be fair. Just yesterday, I scream at a gaggle of geese crossing the road. I am late for the dentist! I shout to the empty, abandoned street. Get on with it! What are you doing?!

What am I doing?

And so, yoga.

My love for yoga has astounded everyone over the past few years, myself included, and it has become obvious when I have not been showing up for class. I will arrive home from the coffee shop after a morning of writing, and a single phrase – did you take out the trash? – will reveal to Ken whether I indulged in a yoga break or not.

Lately, it has been not.

Things have piled – the dentist, remember? – and our days have become shorter in the full kind of way, where there is less white space and more productivity, a kind of black calendar magic I do not particularly perform well in. And for every red circle on the calendar – Tuesday’s dinner, Saturday’s afternoon wedding, next weekend’s neighborhood block party – there is another thing: cheese, and wine.

I consider myself a disciplined person. I rise every morning at 4:45am to greet the day. I keep a strict schedule, I eat well, I avoid soda. I trim my nails. I read my Bible. I consume ridiculous amounts of water and I have a vial of Thieves on my nightstand, which I hear works wonders for things I do not quite recall.

But cheese and wine. Can anyone resist their prowess?

This is the reason for the rut. The yoga skipping, the feta, the wine.

And so, shortly after the dentist and geese debacle, I vow to do something special that might promise a bit less rut and a bit more trench-rising.

I change my pants.

I text my girlfriend – Random question: can I sneak behind your property for an evening of al fresco yoga? – and she says yes, of course, and I smile, knowing people have probably done worse things behind her property than a few sun salutations.

I pack Bee, and my latest Nature Box delivery, and I dust off my mat from the backseat of the car (where did that finger paint splatter come from?) and I wrangle Ken into coming, too, but perhaps it was the snacks that did the wrangling.

We arrive, and it is golden hour, and it is quiet, except for the frogs. I unroll my mat between trees I cannot identify and I stretch, breathe, twist, be. I begin to lament myself for taking this long, for moving through life for weeks on end before pausing to give my body a nice, good wringing out. But then I stop.

The birds are singing, and there is no room for lamentations. It’s time to celebrate.

I move through a few Vinyasa flows – Sun A, Sun B – and somewhere between dancer pose and a headstand, I feel an unmistakable joy for this mat, this life.

I have heard it said, many times, that who you are on your mat is who you are off your mat. For weeks, I have been absent. I have been preoccupied with deadlines, with a looming project of which little progress has been made, with future doubts, with current trials. I have become absent on my mat – I don’t have the time! – and I have become absent off my mat – I don’t have the energy!

But tonight, as I near the end of my secret little yoga class, the sun begins to fall and the air grows thin and weeks of absence melt away into now, here, this.

Bee runs up to show me some rocks she’s collected as I layer on my favorite hoodie, and we settle in for some snacks (the Blueberry Nom Noms are unreal). She tells me of her adventures off the mat; I tell her of my adventures on.

The rut has been conquered, if only for tonight. If only for this present moment, in which I realize that off my mat, I am a mother.

And on my mat, I am the same.


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  • I was doing yoga in the evenings to get the kinks out of my day but once the toddler bedtime routine smoothed out I stopped. Which is crazy – I loved those yoga sessions, even the 5 mosquito bites I got while doing yoga outside once as the sun set and the sound of robins tied me to the trees. Thanks for the reminder, both to begin again and to remember I’m the same off the mat as on (grounded, relaxed, full of breath).

    • You are so welcome, and your yoga practice sounds lovely! Hope you can get back into the swing of it soon. ;)

  • I am finally getting back into my yoga swing, and I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes it takes a few practices to get back into it, but once I am in my yoga groove, I forget how I lived without it.

    Looks like you had a beautiful place to practice!


  • I’ve done very little yoga and you’ve made me want to try again. Just reading your words is soothing. I appreciate your transparency in the challenges of finding balance.

  • I love it. When I get *too busy* for my yoga practice (or self care in general), I become snappish. I tend to start practicing in my living room, my boys join in, and somehow about 15 minutes in we typically end up in a pile of giggles on the floor. Not the most focused yoga, but still renewing. Taking care of myself gets lost in the shuffle more than I’d like, but I find even a few minutes brings me back to my center. Thank you for sharing.

    • Haaaa, I have done this as well, and it really does work wonders. Downward dog offers quite a shift in perspective, even with a toddler climbing your back. ;)

  • wow wow wowwww!

    I love all of this but this little nugget >
    “She tells me of her adventures off the mat; I tell her of my adventures on.”
    Such beauty.

    You are golden; lit up from within.. and your writing is the same.

    Also – I have to say – I’ve read a lot of “sponsored posts” before and yours take the cake. I salute you for doing it in a way that is pure & full of authenticity; where I have no clue until the end that it’s even an essay “for them” to begin with.

    It always feels like an essay for me.
    What a treat. Thank you. (Your lust post the other day was beautiful, too…but I feel like I can’t comment every day! haha. Know that I am always smiling from afar.)

  • I re-started yoga a few weeks ago to deal with anxiety and life and I have realized it’s helped a bit. I love it so much because it give me time to breathe and it helps aid in my running.

    Also, Bee is so adorable!

    • Ah, thank you, Clarissa! And man, isn’t yoga so great for anxiety? It’s a small shift, but a noticeable one.

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