6 Bedtime Books to Read With Your Baby

Moon? he says.

It’s his favorite question each morning, and soon begins the raising of the eyebrows, a gesturing toward the front door. Moon? Moon? Moon?

He wants to see it high in the sky, long after it’s gone, long after the birds are singing and the sun has risen.

Often, I do too.

Sure, the nights can be long. They can be grueling and tiresome, and just when you blink yourself asleep you’re often awakened by another cry. A blanket is twisted. A sock is off. A pacifier has gone missing.

Moon? he’ll say.
Shhhh, you’ll whisper.

The nights are long, but they’re dear. Fleeting. Warm milk and fluttering eyes and fingers curled tight around your thumb with the grip of a small soul. It’s nearly impossible to wish them away.

And so, in the spirit of bedtime (and Daylight Savings Time — more moon!), here are 6 bedtime books to keep your own littles peacefully on the dream train. In our home, we pair these reads with a sweet (off-key) lullaby, lavender lotion and a fresh Huggies OverNites Diaper – a guaranteed sounder sleep for even the most restless of babes.

6 Bedtime Book to Read With Your Baby


In This Book

Whimsical and artfully crafted, these gorgeous pages offer a perspective that bonds both big and small, ending with the most important connection of all: you and your little.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

An adventurous tot takes on the world armed with little more than his imagination and favorite crayon. Proof that when the going gets tough and you’re unsure which way to turn, home is always waiting for you to hang your hat (and draw your covers).


A visual poem for curious babies, Flashlight sweetly pays homage to the beauty of the night sky — moons, creatures and all.

I Wish You More

“I wish you more bubble than bath. I wish you more stories than stars…” A beautiful, poetic read that prayerfully depicts what we all wish for in the lives of our littles.

Little Hoot

A quirky read about the nocturnal owl who wants so badly to just go to bed!, this one’s a funny, subversive attempt to get those sweet eyelashes fluttering in no time at all.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

With a relaxing rhyme and peaceful rhythm, this one’s a fun take on the alphabet – with the naughty A hopping out of bed for a late night double dare underneath the moon. (On second thought, perhaps this one’s an unwise suggestion?) A beloved classic in our rocking chair.

Tell me: what are your favorite bedtime reads for your little ones? And how do you prep for Daylight Savings? I’d love to hear!




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