A Gift Guide for Bloggers

The temps have dropped and there’s a pie in the oven, and Harold the Backyard Squirrel has been in hiding all week long. So yes, I suppose it’s time. And while I’m not prone to penning gift guides on the regular, I’ve noticed a staggering pattern in my normal inbox requests:

Erin! My niece is just getting into blogging. Is there anything you’d recommend for her for Christmas?
My wife loves your blog, and is a blogger herself. Any gift suggestions?
What should I get my sister who’s been running a popular fashion blog for years? She’s seen it all!

In this weird wide world, it seems there’s a beloved blogger on every block (hi, guys!). And so, in the spirit of ease, here are a few recommendations for the one in your life:

gift guide for bloggers

  1. Give function.

    A seamless work routine calls for a simple toolkit no matter what you do. A few favorite, absolutely-worth-it resources from my own desk? A $4 app to replace the bulky scanner, a circular power strip for endless cords, a smartphone tripod and a long-lasting cable collection for an all-day charge.

  2. Give creativity.

    Send your favorite blogger to a corner on the sofa with this book and a favored planner, or out exploring with a mobile lens kit. No matter his/her niche, a bit of a creativity deep dive is bound to jumpstart something lovely.

  3. Give freedom.

    File storage can be a massive headache, especially for mobile, freelance or at-home creatives. My Cloud Home organizes any and all content in one easy-to-manage spot that’s accessible from anywhere – whether travel blogging in Tahiti or taste testing the local Tiramisu.

  4. Give knowledge.

    There are zillions of online classes geared toward bloggers, from mobile photography to content creation to social marketing and more. I’ve loved Skillshare in the past, and Brit + Co has some good options as well (I’d start here.)

  5. Give comfort.

    If the blogger in your life has been known to set up shop in the corner table at your local bistro, she’ll appreciate a good old-fashioned earbud upgrade. These are cozy with surprisingly great sound quality; perfect for drowning out gum-crackers, loud-talkers and the like. For a more substantial (and ethically-made) gift, this minimal backpack will house all her blogging-on-the-go needs: laptop, phone, wallet, cords and more.

  6.  Give time.

    Whether it’s vouchers for childcare or a weekend away, time is the most valuable gift yet. Offer to help your favorite blogger check that “always wanted to do but never quite had the time” box by gifting her some carved-out space to nail down a plan. (Hourglass optional.)


Tell me, what are you gifting this year? I’d love to hear anything I missed! And to any bloggers out there: your story matters. Thank you for sharing it.


This gift guide was created for My Cloud Home, a storage device that connects to your wifi network so you can access your files from anywhere, anytime you need them. #MyCloudMyRules

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