4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Wellness This Year

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I have heard it stated this way, simplified: Work. Relationships. Wellness. Pick two.

But I prefer David Sedaris’ version of four burners, retold in an old (beautiful) piece for New Yorker. That our lives are a stovetop of simmering pots – friends, family, health and work. That to be successful, however it is we define the word, we must turn off one burner. Better yet, two.

playing with baby

It is not difficult for me to know which burner I have turned off in a small attempt to keep the rest of the pots bubbling well. It is evident in my yoga mat, initialed and mauve, rolled into itself, leaning in the corner of a studio I once frequented daily and haven’t returned to since last February.

There have been reasons, of course – a smattering of travels, a large project for Ken, a general sleeplessness from the baby. There are always reasons, some better than others. But here we are: a body that is not well, yet not unwell, and a burner in need of stoking.

Here, then, are 4 simple ways I’m incorporating a bit more wellness into my 2018 routine:

feeding your family


There was a time, some five years ago, in which I lived on a steady diet of food in styrofoam and wrappers. I’d often reference my lack of kitchen know-how as the excuse for a near-constant rotation of takeout dinners and prepackaged lunches, but the truth was, the why didn’t matter and the what did: I felt, on the regular, sick. I soon made the switch to paleo and committed to chopping my way through the kitchen, experimenting with rich, vibrant flavors once dulled by plastic wrap and additives.

I have never once looked back, and making real food is still a top priority in January and beyond. This year, I plan to add more vegetarian plates to my arsenal with a few borrowed cookbooks from the library (namely this, this and this).


For the foreseeable future, the daily yoga classes I pine for just aren’t realistic. Until I can steal away for an hour and a half of incense and 105 degree detox, I can choose to get creative with exercise by moving and shaking throughout the day, right here at home. Kitchen dance parties to fend off tantrums, arm circles while the water boils, calf raises while teeth-brushing — the little things add up just enough to maintain a (somewhat) active lifestyle.

When all else fails, flinging open the back door for a race around the yard in the snow never hurt a mama, either (nor the stir-crazy littles).

taking vitamins


I’ve often shied away from traditional herbs and vitamins, prone to second-guessing the ingredients and wondering if I was giving my body too much to process all at once. And yet: B12 nearly saved my postpartum self, and I’ve long relied on holy basil tea for seasons heavy on stress and light on coping mechanisms.

A friend of mine suggested Nature’s Way – the first herbal brand with both non-GMO and Tru-ID certification – as a smart solution to boost my intake of herbs without the extra fluff. So far, I’ve been adding in Ginkgo, Rhodiola and Holy Basil with my morning meal as a surefire way to step-up my energy and mood during these dark winter months.*


I keep an odd schedule, but mostly, am able to sneak in at least seven hours of sleep, almost eight if I forgo my nightstand stack of reads. And yet, I’m a firm believer that, in matters of wellness, how I wake up is just as important as how I fall asleep.

Some months ago, I dug up my old travel alarm clock to experiment with leaving my phone in the kitchen drawer throughout the night. While the alarm itself was more jarring than the quiet setting on my phone’s ringer, I loved waking up with my own thoughts, rather than a quick scroll through messages I’d missed while sleeping. After a few weeks, I noticed an uptick in productivity, as well, choosing to finish my morning’s writing, reading or meditations before checking my phone at all.

It’s a practice I’ll undoubtedly keep throughout the year.

mom and baby

I know it’s not yet boiling, this fourth burner of health. But if one must choose (and one must choose), I suppose a slow, simple simmer is better than nothing at all.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Tell me, any simple wellness improvements you plan to incorporate this year? I’d love to hear!

  • I found that going to the gym wasn’t fitting in right now but doing yoga at hone does fit. Most days I pull out my yoga mat and turn on Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. It has made a great difference but also works with where I am right now.

    I love this simmering pots picture. Something I will think about.

  • My husband and I found ourselves getting off work, going to the gym, coming home to cook or “organize” (aren’t we always organizing?” and then maybe watching a show on Netflix before bed. We felt we didn’t have any time in the evenings to really sit down and work on our individual creative endeavors. When you only have half an hour, it’s easier to watch a show than it is to start a new art piece.
    We decided to start getting up at 5 AM to get our workout in before work so now, when we come home, we may spend 45 minutes to an hour cooking and eating, depending on whether we already have meal prep done that day, but otherwise, we feel like the evening is all ours to work on our own passions. I honestly don’t think I could have made this change on my own, although I wish I could say otherwise. It’s much easier to hop out of bed at 5 AM, no snoozing allowed, when your spouse is doing this with you rather than sleeping soundly on their side of the bed! I’m thankful for a husband that understands the both the need for time to create and unwind and the importance of wellness.

  • This has been such a lesson for me, as well. I really want to be able to keep all burners on high, all the time. But it’s not even close to sustainable and so, inevitably, I find myself doing a poor job at all of them. Thanks for the encouragement to slow down and focus on what’s important.

  • Yes! I have a similar desire to get back to my wellness practices, specifically a simple lunchtime walk several days a week instead of reading/grocery shopping/running errands every day. It makes a world of difference. Also, making the time again to meditate in the morning – that always made me feel better equipped to start the day. Finally, I’m vegetarian but it’s amazing how many foods I eat that aren’t fruits and veggies, so I’ll be working on cleaning up the diet too (again, because I feel better!). = )

  • So delighted to see your blog change and blossom more and more as the years go by. Love the post, I started selling and donating my clothes, shoes, stuff & things, I went from having clothes in 4 different closets and the attic to just the basics (2 jeans, 5 dresses and some tops and jackets). Parting with things that once shaped my identity was very difficult but I no longer feel like objects are weighing me down. I’m starting a new minimalistic journey this year, learning to take care of my inner body and soul more than my closet and appearance. Love starts from the inside, so instead of investing in a pair of shoes I’m investing in yoga classes, healthy food and a running club. My wellness pot is beginning to simmer.

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