• 2007-08 holiday gift guide: for the new girlfriend.

    12.17.2007 / Miscellaneous

    I’m late today. Sue me. See? I’m late AND sassy. Must be the eggnog and Wilson Phillips I’m listening to on repeat. Whew… scary flashbacks to Carnie Wilson in her red holiday sweater.

    Anyway, today’s gift guides (YES! TWO!) are all about the teachers, AND the new girlfriend in the fam. I find that the latter recipient is one of the hardest to gift, b/c it’s more than likely the first time you’ve met her, and well… what to gift someone you don’t really know but are forced to like?

    So, we’ll do new girlfriends first, followed by a brief break and then a list for the teachers!

    Check back for both lists uploaded by 1PM [PST], and be sure to check in tomorrow for THE GRAND FINALE— I’ll fill you in on the details, but you’ll have to wait! :)

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