crystal barlow.

This weekend was a good weekend, not only b/c I got to wear my pretty green dress to the dog park yesterday, but because the Awesomeness that is Crystal Barlow contacted me this weekend and I had no idea what an untapped gem this gal is.

Her email went something like this:
“I just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoy your bog! Very inspiring! Thanks for the daily dose! I am a designer from Minneapolis and I link your blog to everyone I know. Nice work!”

And my email went something like this:
“Aww, you are SO sweet, Crystal, and your work is OUTSTANDING! Mind if I feature your illustrations next week?”

And her email went something like this:
Ok wait, I don’t remember but she did say ‘YES!’

And then my thoughts went something like this:
“Holy crap. I’m gonna feature this girl but she’s like star status. What the heck am I doing featuring a girl that’s star status? How do I pick from the intense masses of her awesomeness, and can I just feature it all? No, Erin, you can’t feature it all, b/c it would take you days and you’re already super redundant.”

And then my thoughts went something like this:
“Oh my gosh, this is seriously hard. It’s all so… GOOD. Ok, calm down. Relax. Don’t have a nervous breakdown. It’s just some pretty art. And illustrations. And graphic design work, and OMG is that How Magazine I see in her lipservice section? Wait, Target? Ok crap.”

And that’s precisely when I passed out on my keyboard. Specifically, on the letter ‘Q.’

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