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    04.07.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Ok readers— I need your help. My good friend Samantha Hahn (you may have seen her lovely Brooklyn bedroom in the latest eZine issue) has been working her tail off with some fabulous textiles and the result is FANTASTIC.

    My favorite patterns are here and here, but she’s got a great range and some really impressive application photos.

    We’ve been in contact for a month now trying to get this biz off the ground, but I have ZERO experience in the textile industry. Is there a reader out there that can give Samantha the push she needs in the right direction?

    Contact her right here, or leave a comment below with your advice for Samantha. OR email your Reader’s Write questions to designformankind@gmail.com and I’ll help in any way I can!

    • I hope I didn’t make it sound too scary out there-textiles is a business like any other-it can be terrific but you just have to be careful. Just try to make sure that your work stays in your possession until an agreement of some kind is written up and signed. The Graphic Arts Guild is a really helpful organization and they have a fab. guidebook with pricing and advice and guidelines and forms.


    • design for mankind.

      You are SOOOOO helpful, Amy— thank you! :)

    • design for mankind.

      Oooh, good advice, Jeanine!!! :) I LOVE bunny Maxwell!

    • Samantha

      Contacted Bunny and they said they only buy products. But they were really nice and approachable. I need to make samples anyhow. I’ll make that sailor girl into some canvas bags and tees and sell a small bunch. Who knows maybe I can submit them to Bunny, or even Poketo….
      I’ve gotta figure out the logistics of buying wholesale bags and shirts now….I’m on it though!! Erin will be the first person I tell when I have something to show. Thanks so much again everyone!!

    • design for mankind.

      oh im so so excited!!! :)

    • Good-Grace

      Good Lord… these are fabulous!! I have no tips or pointers… but just had to say these are fantastic!! Way to go Samantha! (And to Design for Mankind for sharing with us…) :-)

    • design for mankind.

      Thank you, sweet Grace!!! :)

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