• who’s who: antonia low.

    04.09.2008 / Miscellaneous

    who: i’ll say it again. antonia low.
    what: air traffic— five installations set up in different areas of the home. objects are connected with nylon strings.
    when: early 2007.
    where: london.
    why: for air traffic— photos of the installation were produced as one album and four single covers for the band.

    • Krissy

      I love this! Wish it could be installed in my house :)

    • heidi

      hey, that looks like MY kitchen! ;-)

    • design for mankind.

      HA, me too, Heidi. :)

    • Diana

      very cool looking!

    • dailydesignspot

      very fun!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh, I thought my son sent you a photo of his daily activities.

    • design for mankind.

      HA— you’re hilarious, Melissa. He can’t be THAT bad, can he?! :)

    • Joanna Goddard

      fun, i love this. xo

    • JLC Studio

      This is great! I think she might have gotten this idea from what my kitchen looks like occassionally though!

    • design for mankind.


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