• thank you, bloesem!

    05.14.2008 / Miscellaneous

    I just have to thank Irene this morning for her beautiful posts here and here. It makes me pee a little to think about being featured on Bloesem, considering the incredible talent that she manages to unearth each day. I am definitely in good company!

    I’m just so grateful for Irene and her massive contribution to this community. Bloesem is a daily read of mine, and her passion for her own family and work is just as uplifting as the beautiful artists she features daily.

    Thank you for inspiring us, Irene, and thank you for your lovely words about Design for Mankind!

    • design for mankind.

      AWWW, THANK YOU! It was very, very fun to do. :)

    • dailydesignspot

      congrats erin! you are sooo big time!! haha you know in the movie billy madison where the ‘bigger’ kid says ‘i cant wait till i go to hiiigkh school (with a perfect lisp)’.. yea… its funny

    • jess gonacha

      YAY!!! Thank you thank you AGAIN for including me in your favorites! What an honor. I love Bloesem, too, and am so glad she chose you for the world tour! woo!!

    • A Print A Day

      you deserve it!

    • my love for you.

      well done lady! loved your picks.

    • design for mankind.

      Thank you guys! :) Maybe one of these days I’ll introduce you to Hugo. :)

    • Kristina

      I just found you through Bloesem- you’ve got quite a lovely spread here at design for mankind. You live in my old ‘hood. I used to work at The Cotton Shop during my college years and would eat at Rice Things All. The. Time. I miss it.

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