double take: mr. and mrs. smith.

Kylie’s back with another fantastic Double Take, where she re-creates famous rooms from the silver screen! I’ll let her post do the talking… [Thank you, Kylie!!!]—

If you have seen Mr. & Mrs. Smith, then you may recall the beautiful Pasadena house that Jane (Angelina Jolie) and John Smith (Brad Pitt) called home. The rear exterior was added onto the original house for filming purposes but otherwise the facade remained untouched. It’s a different story inside though (studio sets and in the original home), where set decorator, Victor Zolfo, went to town to design this traditional style interior with some very unexpected modern touches. Now it’s time to share some of our inspired finds…

There are always two or three elements in a set that seem to take center stage in my eyes. For Mr. & Mrs. Smith, it would have to be the iridescent glass tile in the kitchen and the light fixtures throughout the home. The cascading pendant and wall sconces in the dining room look like long drops of water and are actually from the cascade luminaire line of the Kentfield Collection (thanks to Occupied While Lit and its readers for finding the source). In addition, the orb multi-light pendant and the acrylic orbs and brushed nickel floor lamp are quite similar to the lighting fixtures in the living room.

For more inspired finds for these two rooms, we can add a pair Oly’s etta chairs upholstered in a white herringbone to the living room. And for the dining room, the closest chair I could find is the london dining chair with the open back grid design. To reflect the crystal light in the room, you could tie in several askew mirrors and call this your very own DIY project.

Now for the bedroom — try the valencia sleigh bed topped with luxurious silk banded bedding from the Hotel Collection. I love white bedding and this seems to give the room more of a boutique hotel feel. For wall art, the whisper of pearl series would beautifully complement the tones in the woodwork of the bed.

And to end this Double Take, perhaps you’d like to listen to Mondo Bongo from the movie. WARNING: (i) may contain spoilers; (ii) excerpts are a tad “passionate”; (iii) and now I can’t get this song out of my head…

Image credits: 20th Century Fox, Boyd Lighting, Lighting Universe, Lamps Plus, Oly, ModAbode, Chiasso, Pottery Barn, Macy’s, &

  • what a fantastic post! and how timely – i just did a post on angelina jolie today too! :o)

  • The lighting was incredible. I love the attention to detail in the house. And Kay, now I just have to see what you’ve got in store for us :)


  • I live in Pasadena, it always make me tickles me when I see it in movies and commercials. I’ll have to track the Smith House.

  • I love the house & all it’s furnishings, there is a painting in the kitchen I am trying to find of the eggs in a carton. Can anyone help with this?

  • I would like to know where the two club chairs in Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s therapist office came from. Any ideas???

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