mankind mag: issue one.

I am ABSOLUTELY thrilled to release the debut of Mankind Mag and am having the hardest time preventing an overuse of exclamation marks and caps lock. But just so you know, on my side of the screen? I’m jumping up and down with excitement.

Mankind Mag is here. For those of you that missed the prior announcements, Mankind Mag is a new monthly PDF publication from that will now be available as a print edition. Just to break it down for you:

Online = FREE. Preview it here, and download it here.
Print = $8.95. Purchase it here.

Now go, enjoy and be inspired. I leave you with the main sponsors for Mankind Mag, to which I am forever indebted to for their generosity and support. A BIG thank you to the following individuals [among our other sponsors which you can find in the inside cover of the mag!]:

AllyZabba, Edi’s Files, and Lynda Andrews-Barry: THANK YOU!

Lastly, a MASSIVE thanks to you, readers. I know I say this all the time, but can it really be said enough? I am SO inspired by you.

Taking the day off [and possibly tomorrow to catch up on sleep!], but I’ll check in from time to time to see how you’re enjoying the debut. Love to you all!

  • SO very impressive! I don’t know how you do it ALL, Erin!

    Cheer to you!

  • Congrats to a splendid issue! Keep the good works up!!!!!

    And I understand that you want to use these!

  • Love it!! I saw a link to your mag on and I’m addicted. Great job!!

  • Oh my— thank you so so much, Stephanie! Kirtsy? I had no idea!!!!

  • Oh nice! Yay, I’ve been bad these past two weeks and haven’t had the time read my fave blogs and what a great welcome back sign!!!! Can’t wait to read this one… ok gotta go read!

  • Erin:

    I’m playing catch up here…

    It’s ***amazing***! Wow–a true star in the making. Congratulations and then some!!!

  • Congratulations Erin! Assuming you get to comment 112, I would like to say that you are amazing and it is incredible how much hard work you put into this simply beautiful mag! No wonder you needed to catch up on lost sleep! :) All the very best and I cannot wait for the next issue!

  • Of COURSE I got to comment 112— I read them all and love them more! :)

    Anyway, thank you dear Melissa [and others!!!]. You have been such an encouragement to me!

  • Wowzer!!! congrats on this amazing venture! I cant wait to order one!! YOu are truly inspiring!!

  • the magazine is AMAZING! it’s aesthetically perfect and interesting too!
    congrats! :]

  • Congratulations Erin! It is so beautiful and wonderful. Just wow- is all I can say at the moment. Thank you so very much.

  • *pant pant pant*
    Belated comment here – I miss you, too! Congratulations on the launch of the beautiful mankind mag. I LOVE it (of course). It is obvious you’ve put time, love, care and so much of yourself into it. Love it!

  • A belated belated comment, but heartfelt none the less….Congratulations! You have put so much into this and it shows. You make me think of one of my favorite quotes by Charles Mingus. “Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.”

  • Awww, I love the belated comments! I can’t thank you enough, and Jae— what a BEAUTIFUL quote that is! :)

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the mag. Truly, it was such fun to make. :)

  • it is so simply elegant and beautiful. you did a fantastic job !!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! A very fantastic, original, simply and beautiful magazine! i haven’t another words.

  • Sorry it has taken me so long.

    However….. CONGRATS. No one deserves this more than you!


  • LOVE IT! Especially the 101 steps to a creative july! I’m going to print it out and do a bunch! In my infinite amount of free time! *laugh* But at least try to fit a few in this month.

  • Ha!

    Thank you so so much everyone— you are too much! :) I’m so so so glad you’re enjoying it.

    Next issue? August 4th!

  • fab-o-lusss! no, really…totally fabulous. it was especially nice being read to santogold. congratulations erin :D

  • who did the cover artwork? it’s amazing!! (I don’t see any mention on your post) Is it yours?

  • Hi Anonymous!

    I only wish it were mine! :) The cover work belongs to Amy Soczka. Her contact info is listed in the mag credits— you should shoot her an email. She’s quite talented! :)

  • I’ve been away so I missed your debut, but I’ve just gone through the entire mag and, I must say, you have outdone yourself, Erin. I just love it! I particularly enjoyed the feature on Thereza Rowe. Congrats!

  • I was moving homes on the day of the debut, and have been so busy since, but today I got to take a breather and read the magazine. It is gorgeous, Erin. You did a superb job!

  • I have been busy, I cant believe I am so behind on my reading. Looking forward to reading this Erin..I briefly perused it and am amazed. Take care.

  • it’s 3:30am and i am catching up on unread posts in my feed reader, after a time away — including a couple hundred of yours! and now i come across this stunning thing! i may go into work dreary-eyed in a few hours, but at least i will be inspired. :)

  • WOW… How wonderful is this! I’m thinking of self-publishing a book of my art work… “Blogs in Paint”… working title.
    CONGRATS! I will have to check your magazine out!

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