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    07.17.2008 / Miscellaneous

    “like, totally.”

    £20 from dawanda seller funiscool.
    [this is an original, not a print! gorgeous, yes?]

    • Miss Fruitfly

      Another great find. Welcome back, Erin!

    • Kirsty


    • design for mankind.

      It’s so so cute! :)

    • flurogoddess

      I have to make this t-shirt!

    • Shiny Black Shoes

      I just love this!

    • Sarah McNeil

      Hey! Thanks for featuring my drawing! Although I have a few little amendments…

      Its an original drawing, but if someone wanted I would make prints of it, and also it is twenty euros not dollars. But the prints I would probably sell for twenty or eighteen dollars.

    • design for mankind.

      Hi dear Sarah!

      Thanks so much for setting me straight. ;) I’ll make the changes asap!!!!!!

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