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    08.15.2008 / Miscellaneous

    While I was out yesterday, a guest post that I had written for dear Holly went live. I’m still sifting through the FANTASTIC comments and am a little behind, but I wanted to invite you readers to chime in on the issue!

    Inspiration vs. Imitation— what are your thoughts? Share them right here.

    [p.s. I’m putting out a few fires in my inbox at the moment, so this will be my last post for the day. I’ll check in with you first thing Monday morning, and have a FANTASTIC weekend! Love to you all.]

    • ooopsey! ERIN;)!!!! that article was great and very thought provoking- x
      {blushing} ashley!

    • that was an excellent topic; thanks for getting the ball rolling in your fabulous way.

    • Ha, it’s totally fine, dear Ashley! :)

      And thank you all. :)

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