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    08.15.2008 / Miscellaneous

    While I was out yesterday, a guest post that I had written for dear Holly went live. I’m still sifting through the FANTASTIC comments and am a little behind, but I wanted to invite you readers to chime in on the issue!

    Inspiration vs. Imitation— what are your thoughts? Share them right here.

    [p.s. I’m putting out a few fires in my inbox at the moment, so this will be my last post for the day. I’ll check in with you first thing Monday morning, and have a FANTASTIC weekend! Love to you all.]
    • i read this yesterday and thought it was a really insightful post. you are right on. it is a fine line. with such easy access to others’ work on blogs and websites, there’s more inspiration potential than ever. but it also puts a more responsibility in the lap of artists to make sure that the ideas sparked by others are original ones, not just misappropriations of someone else’s work.

      usually my most honest and most meaningful pieces arrive when i shut off the computer and
      retreat into my own world. then everything i’ve seen or heard mooshes together with my own thoughts and interpretation and with luck something comes out. that’s how i best use inspiration to make original work. did i say work? it’s not work. i play :)

    • Awww, amen, Aimee. I love to hear artists that consider their work to be play and are super grateful for the creative life they lead.

      I love your take on this; thanks for sharing it! :)

    • great post, erin. i’m with aimee— the inspiration comes when i’ve had a moment to catch my breath, stare at a white wall (or blank piece of paper) for a stretch. maybe a waffle for breakfast helps too.

    • You’re so right, Kelly. And yes! A waffle is my key to success. ;)

    • Totally respect you starting this up over at decor8 – love the fact that it has taken a couple of different directions now too.

      Thanks, love your blog

    • Ah, thank you dear. :)

    • Erin, your thought-provoking post was fantastic on Decor8! I find that inspiration comes when I am not trying to be inspired. I’ve been a rut over the last week, attempting to develop the specific shot set-ups for an upcoming project…I even “scheduled” time where I would think about ideas…and none of it worked. Then when I was simply brushing my teeth today questioning if I needed teeth whitening…the perfect idea hit me! Toothbrush, waffle, or a blank wall…it’s all beautiful :)

    • Great post! I think the best we can do is hone our own work and treat others with generosity and integrity. And good for the people who do enjoy success — it gives the rest of us hope.

    • Great post on decor8 Erin. For me it’s all about the run.

    • Ahh, thank you! I agree so much with each of you… such a great conversation to have! :)

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