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    08.21.2008 / Miscellaneous

    My dear friend Kay has been hard at work [since JANUARY!] preparing for the launch of Wallpaper Selects: limited edition prints featuring Wallpaper’s unique archive of acclaimed photographers from all over the world.

    I am SO excited to see this. Each print is signed and numbered by the photographer and gives you the opportunity to own a little piece of international history.

    Congrats, Kay and Wallpaper!

    Link: Wallpaper* Selects:.

    • Gee shucks Erin, thanks – but it was a team effort :)

    • I thought this was great – I have really been enjoying browsing the wares. So much good stuff!

    • OOH! Exciting!

    • wow, amazing! xo

    • I’ve been catching up a little with your last posts: very good hints, links and the dailies with Karin… I always enjoy the dailies!
      Keep on with the good job Erin!

    • This image is gorgeous. I s’pose you’re too young to remember phones like that.

    • HA, never, Kirsty! I had one in my bedroom [of course, it was an old model my parents gave me to play with as a toy]. You’re on to me! :)

      And Kay— you are so, so humble. ;)

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