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    09.25.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Free-to-use patterns from top artists/designers around the country? Free? No, really… free?

    EDIT: NOT FREE! Customers must license the patterns, unfortunately. But still, a lovely place to find some inspiration!

    Link: Pattern Foundry.
    Related link: One of my favorite pattern designers…

    • This is soooo amazing! Great find!! Thank you:)

    • It’s certainly a goodie! :)

    • sooki

      oooh! what a great FREE resource! thanks!!

    • those would be awesome to use and send to spoonflower for personal projects!

      awesome website girl :)

    • GREAT IDEA, YAS! :)

    • oooh ahh free patterns?

    • It is a great find! But it is NOT free. Read the following from their site: “All patterns must be licensed (payed for) through the pattern Foundry to be used anywhere.”

      Sorry to ruin the fun, but I figure you better be safe, than sorry.

    • Okat— I JUST rec’d this email— thank you so much for letting us know!!! Eek!

    • so cool, man i am gonna order me some patterns – karek martens – amazing! and richard rhys’!

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