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    10.06.2008 / Miscellaneous

    I’ve been fascinated with Emilie’s Graffiti project all morning. For one year, she sketched out her entire life. And it’s ours for the seeing! :)

    Link: Emilie Boudet.
    Related link: Marc Johns, another favorite sketcher of mine!

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    • So impressing with someone who manages to pull through such a long and ambitious project! I on the ther hand just keep coming up with new ideas – and time is not enough.

      You are amazing, Erin, managing to move and keep this blog (with all the reseacrh and blogreading it implies) and publishing your mankind magazines. And finding interesting things to write about.

    • Oh my— thank you Alexandra! You are a such a sweet thing! :)

    • lucky us – her illustrations are wonderful!

    • WOW, that takes serious dedication! Amazing. :)

    • man, that’s just adorable! and so fun to read!

    • Wow, what a cool project!

    • I know— could you imagine the dedication that gal must have? wowza!

    • This is simply wonderful!

    • it´s a great choice, specially with the idea of publishing some of the diaries.

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