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    10.10.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Great design from Takito Co. I’d love a few!

    Link: Normal Timepieces.

    • These are great!!

    • Oh my gosh, fabulous! I’m an organizational freak and even I wouldn’t have thought of set of dishes in which everything has it’s own place. I love it!

    • Oh me too – I’d have a place to put my fork!! Happy weekend!

    • so cool! enjoy the weekend! xo

    • Beautiful, yes?

    • Yep, you and me both.

    • beautiful silverware… is that a new theme??

    • This is one of those designs that falls into the “why didn’t i think of that category”….my kids are always dropping their forks on the floor since they don’t set them down properly…problem solved!

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