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    10.01.2008 / Miscellaneous

    Still sick today, and I can’t find my sick pants in the boxes and boxes that are currently flooding our temporary home. You guys have sick pants, don’t you? The uber-comfy flannel pants that are eight sizes too big but you refuse to wear anything else when the achy sets in?

    Oh, I hope so. If you don’t, you’re missing out.

    And if you’re REALLY good, you have a sick tee. Mine just happens to be an old t-ball shirt, but I’m thinking of switching it to this one.

    Because it’s awesome.

    Link: ALAKAZAM!.

    • i’m also sick at the moment and you’re right, nothing will do but a pair of unattractive old sweatpants. they’re the best at times like these!

    • you might even say that t-shirt is ‘sick’? hope you feel better.

    • That’s right, Michelle! Feel better. :)

    • Decor Fellow: James Saavedra

      I have a sick sofa :) i curl up and dont move…I hope you feel much much better soon:)

    • Yes, mine have ice-skating pandas on them. ;) Feel better Miss. Erin!

    • Totally embarassing but…I have a sick sweatshirt that I refer to as my snuggly. If I ask for it my husband knows exactly what I’m talking about. =) Feel better soon!

      Jessie-I am so jealous that yours has ice-skating pandas!!!

    • Love the “sick” shirt! Hope you are back on your feet soon…

    • I hope you feel better Erin! Apparently, green tea is the best cure for sick days — it has more vitamin C than OJ. (Yes, I’ve been working on a health project as of late…hehe).

      Yesssss — sick pants…the ones I have are so bit that the crotch area ends at my knees. ;)

    • I meant *big* not bit ;)

    • Oh I really hope you get better soon and find your sick pants very soon!!! Yes that t-shirt is pretty awesome ..agreed :)

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