still sick.

Still sick today, and I can’t find my sick pants in the boxes and boxes that are currently flooding our temporary home. You guys have sick pants, don’t you? The uber-comfy flannel pants that are eight sizes too big but you refuse to wear anything else when the achy sets in?

Oh, I hope so. If you don’t, you’re missing out.

And if you’re REALLY good, you have a sick tee. Mine just happens to be an old t-ball shirt, but I’m thinking of switching it to this one.

Because it’s awesome.


  • i’m also sick at the moment and you’re right, nothing will do but a pair of unattractive old sweatpants. they’re the best at times like these!

  • I have a sick sofa :) i curl up and dont move…I hope you feel much much better soon:)

  • Totally embarassing but…I have a sick sweatshirt that I refer to as my snuggly. If I ask for it my husband knows exactly what I’m talking about. =) Feel better soon!

    Jessie-I am so jealous that yours has ice-skating pandas!!!

  • I hope you feel better Erin! Apparently, green tea is the best cure for sick days — it has more vitamin C than OJ. (Yes, I’ve been working on a health project as of late…hehe).

    Yesssss — sick pants…the ones I have are so bit that the crotch area ends at my knees. ;)

  • Oh I really hope you get better soon and find your sick pants very soon!!! Yes that t-shirt is pretty awesome ..agreed :)

  • here’s wishing the “sick pants” fairy quickly guides you to your pair. mine’s a ratty old oversized pair of men’s boxers with enough “butt” for three! Get better soon, erin.

  • Oh yes, sick pants, a sick shirt and, lest we forget, sick SOCKS!
    Get better soon!

  • LOL at “sick pants” — I have a whole “sick ensemble.” :-)

    I’m sorry you’re still feeling under the weather. I’ll be wishing perky thoughts for you…think of it as me sending you virtual chicken soup or something. :-)

  • I hope you feel better soon; Sometimes I actually wish for a sick day just so I can wear my sick pants :) I always fix my hair though or else I feel even worse…

  • Sick should be my middle name. I have battled 10 different ailments in the last 10 months.

    I have a SICK ROUTINE. Involving soup, gatorade, motrin, l-lysine, my tie-dye shirt from a museum exhibit, sex and the city reruns, and of course the internets.

    Don’t forget to take HOOOOOOT baths. They ease fever chills, and congestion.

    Oh and get yourself a netti pot. The practice is a little gross, but it saves some tissues.

    Feel better.

  • I hope you aren´t too sick to enjoy the sick-forced-rest-in-comfy-pants-days.

    Still, get well soon!

  • oh darling! feel better! feel so much better soon. i had sick pants, but i threw them out in one of those awful “i need to toss everything in my closet that makes me look schlumpa-dinka” wardrobe crises that happens when one feels perfectly healthy and, thus, completely oblivious to the obvious awesomeness of having such sick pants when they are so very comfortable and comforting during yucky times. now, i just lounge around in pressed khakis that don’t make me feel better at all. {okay, maybe not that last part.} hope you find your sicky-pants or at least a suitable substitute, dear.
    much love!

  • Oh I hope you feel better – I think I wear my sick pants every night! I have tons of pj pants – which my bf hates – but they are so comfy and torn up. I think some even have paint stains on them…oh the sexy!

  • Sick and still powering on. You go girl. Hope you feel better before the weekend. Too many good things happening this month – all over the world – to be sick.

  • My hubby and little girl are sick too – seems like everyone is right now. I hope you feel better soon! I like Krissy’s sick pants party idea!

  • Oh, I didn’t know those were sick pants. I wear them, but I’ve never named them. Now I know.
    You should definitely get the new t-shirt for being sick.

  • I want my sick pants + sick blanket but I’m house and cat sitting. I might head to my apartment for a few hours tomorrow so that I can nap with all of my comfy things. Hope you feel better!

  • Erin, get well soon. And to join the croud: I have those sick pants, they are very important, because once I get better I can dress up again and feel eveeeven better thereafter!
    Take care and hope you are being taken care of!

  • Aww… feel better soon!!! Try fresh ginger tea: 5 slices of ginger root, boil in small pot of water. Drink. Sweat. Sleep.

  • Awww…hope you feel better soon!! The flu is totally going around the midwest (welcome!!). Not such a fun welcome present though ;)

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