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    11.20.2008 / Miscellaneous

    I loooove this project. But then again, it’s Bristol. What’s not to love?

    Link: chris clarke

    • That is a gorgeous shade of turquoise! And the sentiment is something I’m struggling with at the moment too…

    • this is my husband’s life motto, i’m pretty sure!

    • hahahah me too!!!

    • ha, so funny!

    • I was wondering why that looked so familiar – that’s our last year’s graphic design graduates’ catalog thing. The wonderful Alex Ostrowski whom you blogged about before is in it. Yes, Bristol is GREAT!

    • oh wowza! go bristol! :)

    • fun! after browsing through his website i’m super motivated to create something great this weekend!

    • my dogs and I live in Bristol (actually v close to Mr Clarke). Yes we’re lovable too.

    • Bristol does indeed rule. All the best things/people are from Bristol (or nearby seaside towns)

    • seriously!

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