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    12.05.2008 / Miscellaneous

    I received an email from Chroma Lab like five minutes ago and that’s officially the only amount of time I needed to fall in love with this clock. Eek!

    Link: Chroma Lab

    • No kidding, it’s fabulous! I love the colors!

    • i saw a feature on chroma lab just recently and was oooh’ing over everything. too bad that clock is already sold!

    • wow, that’s amazing! if i were a mad clockmaker, i would tweak it so that the clock face would spin around instead of the hands. and then i could use it to hypnotize people…”honey, could you please tell me what time it is?”…”yes, dear, it’s…”…”for christmas you are going to buy me…”

    • HAHAHHAHAHAH you are adorable!!!!! i love it!

    • pretty sure i’m actually salivating over this one.

      *drool drool drool*

    • love it!!! almost as much as my cubes wall clock. would have that one too, def…

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