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    01.05.2009 / Miscellaneous


    In case you haven’t noticed, I’m in a bit of a photography mode today, and I’m LOVING Ye Rin Mok’s eye for portraits. You can see some serious soul in these photos, which, in my opinion, is the key ingredient for a killer portrait.

    If you want to see more gorgeous portraits, be sure to check out Jo’s recent engagement photos— they’re adorable!

    Link: Ye Rin Mok Photography.

    • thank you so much for the link, erin!!!

    • Oh you’re quite welcome, my dear— they really are the loveliest photos! Kudos to Max!

    • really lovely photos…both the engagement pics and Ye Rin Mok’s.

    • Fantastic photograph :) I’m a fan of lots of negative space.

    • welcome back! i love the softness in this photo combined with those bright red lips.

    • I love this photo! The colours are great and such a pretty gal!

    • LOVE Ye Rin Mok’s work. Love love love.

    • Touché! Happy New Year to you, lovely. ☺

    • oh I’m always in photography mode:) this is lovely…thanks for sharing.

      ps–I nominated you for a Weblog Award today. I love it here.

    • Jo’s photos are gorgeous. I love this style of photography. The lighting is fantastic.

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