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    03.17.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Oh dear. This photo represents so much for me, but most of all– it screams freedom. A beautiful capture [thanks, Christine!].

    Link:  GORDON BALL.

    • Wow. I love that. Amazing.

    • isn’t it such a goodie?

    • This is why I love photography! :)

    • This is why I love photography! :)

    • oops. sorry.

    • i’ve had the left half saved in a folder for over a year – never knowing there was a right half or who the photographer is. THANK YOU!!!


    • This is a great shot. And his website has even more really evocative and exhilarating work on it.

    • I love these photos. For some reason the side with the head sticking out reminds me of a summer night in St. Louis where I grew up. It’s the lighting I think.

    • This is awesome, so freeing.

    • it does remind me of small town cities, yes, jessica. not that st. louis is small town, but it’s midwesterly and does have that feel.

      love it so much.

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