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    05.07.2009 / Miscellaneous


    I’m one of Nancy’s biggest fans, so naturally, I’m thrilled to spread the word about her DRAWING FOR A CURE shoppe section to benefit the memory of her friend’s father, lost to Acute Moncytic Leukemia.

    Keep doing good things, Nancy— we’ll follow.


    • Beautiful artwork for a good cause, you can’t lose with this proposition. Lovely. Good luck Nancy! :)

    • These are beautiful.

    • i love the cause— it’s a great idea.

    • VenetiaLouise

      beautiful drawings and it IS a great cause my stepmoms 1st husband died of leukemia and she set up a charity to benefit lekemia sufferers which i have helped her out with many times…what you are doing is really great!
      : )

    • GOOD for you, venetia! every little bit helps. :)

    • i love them :)

    • So cool!

    • I too am one of Nancy’s biggest fans! Her work is fantastic and best of all – it’s affordable. Thanks for spreading the love Nancy!

    • I love her work!
      This is a great cause! Amazing.

    • thank you for the kindest words of support!i appreciate it so much!

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