The Future of Art/Design

05.04.2009 / Miscellaneous

Where is the art/design movement headed, and what role will our online communities play in the future? Hear what our smashing contributors think, and comment below to join the dialogue!

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  • Another brilliant video!

    I do think the future is bright for handmade/crafts. Take southern Europe, for instance: I’m in Portugal and that aesthectics has started not too long so people are not saturated at all.

    Yay for the handmade look!

  • @Concha I have an exhibition in Portugal – Porto, ‘Invasion’ Gallery Dama Aflita, opens May 23rd. Come along and bring everyone you know!

    Another good vid Erin – nice one.

  • With the current global economic crisis, I believe that the art/design community will have a much more critical role to play in making things right again. Even Obama agrees in a sense: ;)

  • Great topic, I dunno, I think that with the internet and such it’s becoming easier to distribute you art and get to know people, maybe the down side is that there’s so much that it often takes a while to get to the good stuff and some other things … I think the future is bright for art and creative people, I don’t really know in what direction it will go, but I think the access to ever growing mediums and challenges will make people want to do innovative things and probably others will want to go back to what they know and what they feel is safe. So great topic, but also kinda hard to make a real statement about it, because it is the future, no one really knows what will be thrown on our path … x

  • if enough people take on the optimistic outlook in this video we might just get out of this economic mess. just the thought makes me feel better this rainy monday.

  • melissa de la Fuente

    So great….I love hearing all of these great artists opinions.. I for one think that the handmade movement will continue to be integral in how we all look at art and design. Maybe it will ebb and flow but, I don’t think it will ever stop being incredibly important. I think it will grow and grow in influence and recognition. Thanks for this guys….

  • Yey! Another dialogue! I promise I’ll listen as soon as I’m out of work, and can turn on the volume. ;)

    thanks again for the event video! xo

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  • so glad to hear your thoughts— it is indeed a bright, bright future!!!! :)

  • Love the dialogue videos – keep up all the great work!

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