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    coral silverman.

    08.27.2009 / ART + DESIGN


    Ahhh! A unicorn! And Coral! And jeans! Yes!


    • the last unicorn…
      a lonely beautiful creature..should always be free

    • Wow! I like this and I’m going to the site to learn more about how it was done.

      I immediately saw this as you go into the water and emerge on the other side as a Unicorn. Which is why the one fellow is on the plank, so as not to get his feet wet, because he doesn’t want to become a Unicorn…

    • Okay, I just went to the site and that is not what was happening at all! Apparently, this Unicorn is being kidnapped. The Unicorn is a badass and defends itself! Gooooooo Unicorn!

    • I vow to never kidnap a unicorn.

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