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    08.12.2009 / Miscellaneous


    Hey “home”-ies…

    [Note: This is an update re: the ‘this is home’ project, so if you’re unfamiliar, start here!]

    OK here’s the deal. We have loads and loads of text submissions, and we LOVE them! Great job, writers! You’ve got until Friday to submit your phrase, so keep ’em coming…

    Now it’s time for the artist’s turn:

    Head to the blog and pick out your favorite phrase. Create a 4×6 image that accurately represents the text [including the phrase itself] and send it on over!

    Got it? Good. Now hurry—- deadline is Aug 31st!

    Link:  THIS IS HOME

    • Ha!..I just posted about for my need for Honey in my coffee, with a maple syrup back up!
      Weird & wonderful.

    • I submitted my “home” email back when you first announced the project but I have yet to see it on the blog. Are there still some you guys are planning on putting up or is the process selective?

    • I don’t even think I could improve upon this “home is…” entry, but I’ll head over to check the others out. :-)

    • this is such a great idea! i love the words.

    • hi Liz,

      your phrase will be up with the next batch. :)

    • Yay! I can’t wait to send some art over for this. These phrases are wonderful…

    • Mmmm, honey.

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