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    andy goldsworthy.

    10.07.2009 / ART + DESIGN


    Whoa. Artists — if you need insipration, look no further. You can search by material, form and year, and my goodness — all of this work is ace.

    Don’t forget to check out spheres, b/c they’re hot for 2010!


    • oh yes, he has been one of my favorite artists for a long time. so inspirational!

    • One of my faves too! There’s a really great documentary of him floating around somewhere…

    • i almost idolize him. his work is incredible. the rivers & tides dvd of him creating some of his work is a joy. really, a joy. he has so much patience and it’s all impermanent.

    • One of my all time favorite artists…thanks for the amazing link!

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