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    12.10.2009 / Miscellaneous


    “whoooooot loves a good neighbor?”

    $24 via FRUITFLYPIE

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    • it’s perfect.

    • Alicia

      owls = love!

    • Vanessa

      This is so pretty and unique. I love it!

    • Sam Gallagher

      i love everything owl related, especially this!

    • Owl say it. I hoot this!

    • Lola O

      I adore this. I have a obsession with birds. They are all over my house.

    • Tazim

      this owl is adorable!

    • Janet

      super cute!

    • sara

      I love anything white and ceramic!

    • Eva Derksen

      Evry year I make or purchase an owl of soem type to add to my collection that is in honor of my mom’s late best friend who was always, from my view point as a little girl, my moms “silly, way crazy and wild friend”. I loved her with all my heart and she was as close to being my aunt as anyone has ever been if not closer. She collected owls. When she passed her husband, Uncle Chic (yep…thats his name!), gave me her most prized owl to keep. That started my owl tradition of carrying on her love of owls and collecting them in her honor. This would be a fun addition to my owls and I know she would approve with a beautiful smile.

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