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  • xmac.

    01.06.2010 / Miscellaneous

    mountains, flickr

    I’ve never really been around mountains, and I think I might hate them. But on paper? Soooo pretty.

    flickr: XMAC

    • I don’t think you would hate them ,they are too beautiful! This oiece is gorgeous too

    • you’re probably super right, caroline! :)

    • there’s no way you could hate them! i think after seeing my first real mountain a few years ago that i like them more than the ocean :)

    • REALLY?! wow!!!

    • Robyn

      I promise you wouldn’t hate them… everyone has their landscape preference, but all types are beautiful in their own way.

      Plus standing on the top of one, looking down at the world below you, is a pretty incredible feeling! :) (& if it’s the snow you hate (like I do) there are lots of mountains without snow!!)

    • VERY good to know! :)

    • Mountains so trump oceans!

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